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Are DNA tests accurate?

Are DNA tests accurate?

Are DNA tests accurate?

Posted on  22 FEB 2020

If you are planning to consider getting a DNA test for you or a closed one, then you must be aware of the process that can be a bit uneasy for you. If you don’t know much about the process and how accurate it is, then this post is for you.

Many people aren’t clear about the accuracy of these DNA tests, and it is the most critical question to ponder upon before taking the test.

Before moving on, let us ask you a question:

You must be aware that identical twins contain identical DNA. What do you think about the case when the DNA samples of a set of twins go for DNA testing? Do you think they will get identical results too, like identical DNAs?

Well, the answer to this question is already given by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. It is “not necessarily” for the identical twins to get the same results from their DNA testing.

It has been proved in a recent investigation by the same corporation that many times, twins do not get similar results even when a single company conducts the tests.

Let’s get into a more profound understanding of DNA tests and how accurate they are!


One of the most accurate methods that are used to determine the maternity or paternity is DNA testing. It is widely used all over the world in the medical community, and its science is quite irrefutable.

Since the last few decades, there had been a lot of advancement in this field. That is why technology has become better substantially. Now, the DNA tests are accurate 90% of the time, unlike the previous days. Back in the 1920s, blood tests were used to determine paternity.

But in recent years, it is evident that blood types are not the best determinants for paternity. Although blood tests can be used to eliminate or discount certain people, they are not ideal for determining paternity.

Now, there are much simpler but highly accurate methods available that are used to determine paternity and genealogical heritage.

Are there any risks involved in DNA testing?

The physical risks associated with DNA testing are not significant, especially for those tests that require taking samples from the inner surface of the cheeks and the blood sample.

However, a few issues can arise if the DNA tests are not performed correctly. The first issue is the inaccuracy of the DNA test results, which involves social, financial, or emotional consequences.

Many times, people who take these DNA tests may become angry and depressed and feel guilty and anxious about the test results.

On the other hand, prenatal DNA testing known as chronic villus can put the person into a risk of miscarriage or pregnancy loss.

Thus, the results can have severe emotional losses. Therefore, it is essential to consult with your doctor regarding the financial and social risks before you take the test.

The reliability and accuracy of the DNA test

To know about the accuracy and reliability of DNA tests, let’s go through some real-life cases.

DNA tests are so reliable that they can validate your entire existence. One of the best examples of this case was published in Detroit Free Press.

The example mentions a 53 years old woman who went with her husband to submit their DNA. The results surprised her as she realized that she belongs to a “European Jewish” ethnicity.

To confirm the results, George explored her family tree and reaffirmed the results further.

Adam Rutherford’s findings on genes and DNA testing

The famous host of the BBC channel, Rutherford and author of a book written on genetics known as “A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived: The Human Story Retold Through Our Geneshas conducted a lot of research on genes. His findings also received many critical acclaims in the past.

Adam Rutherford claims that many people believe that their DNA tests will reveal their historical population, which is not the case. He states that there is no scientific method or the latest technology that can tell the historical population of your DNA.

However, these tests can tell you something exciting! They can take you to the people who share your DNA, no matter where they are in the world.

Keep in mind here that these DNA tests are way different from the ones that are taken to detect medical issues. Those tests are more scientific.

This example provides it quite clear that DNA tests are accurate, and there shouldn’t be any doubt about their accuracy. There are millions of other cases out there as well that are the proof of the accuracy of DNA tests.

What about the accuracy of DNA tests that are conducted at home?

The answer is “Yes”. However, there are many kinds of DNA tests available out there that can be performed at home. One such test is known as the “Swab DNA Test”.

At-home DNA tests are accurate if you conduct it the right way. What’s the wrong way of doing DNA tests at home? Well, if you are taking the test right after having a meal, then chances are that you will get an error.

Keep in mind that we are explicitly mentioning “Swab DNA Test” here. Similarly, if you are going to an excellent and high-quality laboratory, even then you might not get accurate DNA tests.

Therefore, we strongly suggest you use the right methods and go to the proper laboratory if you want accurate DNA results.

How to ensure your DNA tests are accurate and what can you do about it?

If you are taking your DNA test at home and you need to ensure that the results are accurate, you need to follow these instructions:

  • Before using the swab method, make sure that you don’t eat anything before that. The best time to take this test is to take it early morning even before brushing your teeth.
  • Always open your swab right before you take the test.
  • It is essential that during your swab test, you gently rub the swab in your mouth and don’t rub it harshly in your mouth. Keep in that the vital part of this test is your saliva.
  • Always store the swab in the bottle that is provided with it. Do not place it in a plastic container.
  • If you are taking the test from a laboratory, make sure that you have enough time and that you can wait patiently. It can take anywhere between 10 days to two weeks to get accurate results. If a laboratory is providing you with the result before that time, then you need to be cautious.

What is the best and the most accurate DNA test method?

There are different types of DNA tests available. Always consult your doctor before choosing a test. Depending upon the choice of your test,  the doctor or healthcare provider will take your blood sample, amniotic fluid, or skin then send it to the DNA testing lab.

Following are different types of DNA tests that are available:

Blood sample test

In this test, your healthcare provider will take your blood sample. This sample is taken with the help of a needle in your vein and taking the blood.

This test is a bit uncomfortable for many people and is also painful. Blood tests are 99.9% accurate if you are taking it from a reputable and good-quality laboratory.

Cheek swab test

The most common and desirable form of DNA test is check swab test. For this test, a swab sample is taken from the inside of your cheek. It is then sent for genetic testing.

This test can also be performed at home. Many home test kits are available that provide clear instructions and highly accurate results.

Amniocentesis test

It is a prenatal genetic test where your doctor inserts a hollow and thin needle into your uterus through the abdominal wall. In this method, amniotic fluid is collected.

Chorionic villus sampling test

It is also a prenatal genetic test. In this test, your healthcare provider takes the sample of tissue from your placenta. There are different methods of taking this sample.

It is taken with the help of a tube, whether through your abdominal or your cervix. It is also a painful procedure and is too risky in many cases. However, the results from this method are also accurate as others.

Which one to take?

The choice of taking the DNA test is entirely yours. Most of the people choose to go the easy way and take the cheek swab test.

There had been a lot of reasoning about the accuracy of various DNA tests. People continuously get confused about which test to take. When it comes to the most common and more straightforward method, it is the saliva swab test.

Many people aren’t sure about the accuracy of the saliva test because it is a general perception that saliva is not invasive. But, keep in mind that the swab test is not easy and straightforward, but it is also as accurate as any other test.

Moreover, this test, unlike many different DNA tests such as blood tests and finger-prick tests, doesn’t hurt at all.

Moreover, for all those people out there who question the accuracy of DNA tests, there is only one rule: follow the instructions! No matter you are fixing your car, following google maps, building a cupboard or taking a DNA test, you will get accurate tests as long as you are following the instructions.

You will never get accurate results if you are not following the instructions. That is especially true for mouth swab tests that are conducted at home.

The next thing to keep in mind before taking your DNA test is the “cost” factor. Cost is one crucial factor that is very important in determining the accuracy of your DNA test. How is that so? Well, whether you are performing the test at home using your kit or you are going to a laboratory,

the more costly a test kit or laboratory is, the more accurate the results will be. You can never get good results from a low-quality or cheap test kit. Likewise, going to an unknown laboratory also doesn’t ensure accurate results.

Therefore, always do in-depth research before taking your DNA test and make sure that you choose only a reputable laboratory and supplier.

If you follow these simple instructions for your DNA test, then you will get your desired and accurate results. People who claim the DNA tests to be inaccurate are mostly those who lack proper knowledge about the test kits, DNA test methods, and laboratories.


Are DNA tests accurate - image 2

With advanced technology, the accuracy of DNA testing goes as high as 99.9%. Moreover, it is incredibly simple. You need to visit a DNA specialist for your test or order a test kit.

When we talk about the ancestry and determining close family relations like parents and siblings, DNA tests are a good option. There are dozens of examples and stories out there that we listen to every day about the identification and reunite of close family members.

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VPN’S Legal or Illegal?

VPN’S Legal or Illegal?

VPN’S Legal or Illegal?

Posted on  22 FEB 2020

VPN’s are legal in most of the countries in the US but the fact which we all need to face is that VPN’s are associated with the illegal activity performed online.

The topic of today’s discussion is whether VPN’s are legal or illegal? To hear the best part VPN’s are legal in most parts of the world but you need to know the countries where it is legal and where it is illegal.

So before we jump onto the topic let’s have a brief review about what is VPN? It is a virtual private network that encrypts your internet connection and masks your identity from the world when you are online.

Legal Use Of VPN:

There are plenty of legal reasons why you need a VPN which includes the following:

Prevent Data Stealing

As we all know the basic purpose of using a VPN is to offer you online privacy. It disguises your IP address and prevents any government organization or IP provider to invade your data.

It prevents any third parties to invade your data and steal it online.

Enjoy The Legal Activities Online

VPN’s are meant to enjoy the legal activities online like streaming content or accessing websites which are useful for viewing the content. But most of the people appeal VPN only for illegal use like accessing the darknet or using VPN for performing illegal activity.

VPN allows you to browse the episodes from your favorite shows in any part of the world but ensure that the use of a VPN is legal in that state.

VPN’s though are built for legal activity but not all VPNs are the same.

You need to check the transparency and privacy policy of the VPN provider as well before you trust them as they are also capable of stealing your personal data.

Protect Your Privacy

The most common use of a VPN is to protect your privacy while accessing public Wi-Fi networks.

It encrypts with your internet connection and saves your personal data from the evil eyes of the spies all over the globe who try stealing your data.

Bypass Restricted Website

Other than that most of the students at school and people at business premises make use of VPN to bypass restricted networks and access the websites for legitimate reasons.

Is It Legal In Our Country?

Now, when most of us understand the legal use of VPN we usually wonder whether it is legal in our home country. So don’t worry as no such enforced laws are restricting the use of VPN in the US, Canada, Europe, UK, and Australia.

Due to the worst reputation of VPN in the past days where it was used for dubious activities, there are legal reasons as well where the people might need VPN for entertainment purpose to access content over the streaming services which are unavailable in their respective regions.

Another main reason for using a VPN for most of us is to protect ourselves from the public Wi-Fi where the providers might spy on us when we are traveling abroad and need an internet connection.

Which VPN Providers Are Legal?

Now, the next question which you might be wondering is which VPN services are legal in your home town?

Most of us download the free VPN apps and feel protected from evil eyes. But this is the tricky part, we are prone to reveal our personal details to the free VPN providers and they might sell or share the details to third parties which mean it is more malicious than the pain VPN services.

Choose the paid VPN providers who offer the users with excellent features and avoid treating you like their source of income by selling your private data.

Some of the famous and well-known VPN service providers include PureVPN, NordVPN, IPVanish VPN, TorGuard, Private Internet Access, Windscribe, Proton VPN, Hide Me VPN, AirVPN, ExpressVPN, and others. 

Illegal Use Of VPN:

Why VPN’s are illegal is also another aspect of the story which you need to hear?

Used in Illegal Activity

VPN use is legal in most parts of the world but you need to understand the fact that although it is legal, you are not supposed to perform the illegal activity with it like watching porn videos, torrenting some copyrighted material and others.

Blocked the Use of VPN Complately

Some countries have completely blocked the use of VPN as they are smart enough and want their people to avoid using any private networks.

These countries include Russia, China, North Korea, Iraq and others where they have banned the use of VPN service.

VPN for Netflix

The use of VPN for accessing Netflix shows is illegal as it results in the violation of the company’s terms and services offered to the customers.

Selling Customer Data

Some VPN services offer your private information to government organizations as the law is enforced on them although most of the private VPN companies highlight the fact that they save no logs but at the end of the day most of them share the information of the users with the licensing authorities when they are forced to do so.

Where Is VPN Restricted?

The use of a VPN is restricted where the government of the countries restricts civil rights and prevents any freedom of speech for the users.

Citizens who don’t know the fact that VPN is banned in their state might try to use one and access the websites blocked in their state but in turn, the government is smart enough and blocks their usage.

VPN are strictly illegal in China, Turkey, UAE, Russia, North Korea, Belarus, and Iraq. So, most people wonder why VPN is restricted in such well-known countries.

So the fact is that VPN encrypts your internet connection with the private networks and makes your anonymous online where you can perform the browsing activity.

It is restricted in these countries where the free flow of ideas is banned and it becomes impossible for the government to track you online with the anonymous identity.

It is because of this reason that the governments of these countries pose a ban on VPN usage and state it as illegal. 

Using a VPN in restricted countries can result in a huge fine or you might be prosecuted. However, in other countries where VPN is legal, you can easily use it and access all your streaming content over different websites.

Using VPN cannot save you when you perform any criminal activity as most of them offer logs to the government organization and retain your information along with other relevant data.

Before you plan on buying a VPN service, check out their terms and conditions, their privacy policy and other stuff and choose it if you feel satisfied.

Most of the VPN providers make it clear that if you perform any criminal activity while browsing online you’ll be held responsible for it so be sure about it.

The policies usually state the fact that if you are found performing any fraudulent or illegal activity then you will be referred to the law enforcement organizations.

Which Illegal Activities Are Carried By The Users All Over The Globe?

VPN itself is a simple tool for maintaining your privacy but most people perform the following illegal activities while using a VPN which should be prohibited in all states. These dubious activities include:

  • Hacking where you gain access to someone’s network or computers belonging to some business setup or companies. The hackers invade the private data and disrupt the activity, they steal money from credit card details, carry out fraud activities and perform illegal interception of data.
  • Illegal sharing of files which is also termed as torrenting where the users download and use the copy-righted content for streaming purpose like games, movies, music or other video content over the internet connection.
  • The dark web is one of the most common illegal activities where people sell and buy drugs. They sell weapons or illicit materials and access pornography videos.
  • Cyberstalking is also a part of an illegal activity that is carried over VPN. Stalking someone online is a crime while covering your tracks with a VPN.

The use of VPN to circumvent some apps or website’s technological protection measures like geo-locking such as for Netflix can result in the violation of the terms and services for the VPN provider, websites or the laws enforced in the country.


VPN’S Legal or Illegal? Conclusion

VPN is a perfect tool for private networking but make sure whether you are using it in a legal or illegal state. If you are visiting the countries where the use of a VPN is illegal, you should disable it on all devices to avoid any negative consequences.

Other than that whether you are in a state where it is legal, avoid using VPN for illegal streaming or content viewership along with the different illegal activities.

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All You Must Know About Web Hosting

All You Must Know About Web Hosting

All You Must Know About Web Hosting?

Posted on  21 JAN 2020

When you purchase a web hosting service, you basically purchase space to store your website files. These files can be accessed with a web browser and the website published on the Internet.

Web hosting is given by an assortment of specialist organizations with the essential innovation to appropriately store website documents. By registering for a hosting service, you rent space on a server owned and managed by a web hosting company.

Many people and organizations don’t have their very own servers, so they acquire server space from outsider web hosting organizations. Since the server is a physical computer that operates 24/7, you can always access the files on your site without interrupting service.

These servers are stacked with the equipment and programming important for the site to work. The web have is liable for server upkeep, security, and appropriate programming execution, so documents on the server can be effectively gotten to from site programs, for example, Google Chrome and Firefox.

Various Types of Web Hosting

Most web hosts offer different forms of hosting packages. Each kind of hosting tends to various site needs. For instance, a site that gets a huge number of guests every month has unexpected necessities in comparison to a site fabricated half a month back.

Here is a breakdown of best web hosting packages today:

Shared/Mutual Hosting

Mutual hosting is the most widely recognized type of hosting. It is likewise most likely the best web hosting style for some site proprietors.

Common hosting plans share a physical server condition with handfuls or several different sites.

Furthermore, here and there more than that. In any case, on the grounds that the server is parceled, you can shield your website from other Web locales that utilization a similar server. Costs are very low because the server resources are effectively partitioned from other users on the same server.

For websites with low to moderate traffic levels, using a shared host is fine. This is the most beginner-friendly option, so you don’t need any technical skills to manage your hosting environment, install a CMS, or set up email.

VPS Hosting

This style of hosting relies on what is called “virtualization”. This allows you to use resources from several different servers, but everything works like a single server.

In essence, you can tap the entire network of servers to expand or contract their resources as your needs change. The VPS server functions like a dedicated server, but continues to use the server shared with other users.

VPS hosting is perfect for site proprietors who need devoted server assets yet don’t have the financial backing to do as such. VPS hosting is less expensive and progressively adaptable.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a quite new sort of hosting. However, it is becoming one of the best web hosting formats available today. If you don’t know what cloud hosting is, then your website is hosted on several different servers at the same time.

Physical servers are partitioned into cloud bunches. This is valuable provided that one of the servers is over-burden, traffic is consequently directed to another cloud server in the bunch.

Cloud hosting gives you a very reliable hosting format. In addition, it is very flexible and can scale in real time, so you only have to pay for the server resources you are currently using.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated hosting is actually precise. You can get to assets on the whole physical server.

Dedicated hosting is commonly the costliest in light of the fact that it doesn’t share server costs with different sites (as in shared hosting).

This style of hosting is normally held for sites that get a great deal of traffic or require their very own server design. You can get to the whole server so you can play out the product arrangement required for your site.

Utilizing dedicated hosting gives you unbelievable execution and improved security. Be that as it may, viable administration of the server condition may require specialized abilities or a hidden group.

Notwithstanding dedicated hosting, there are additionally the executives hosting choices. A spot where the hosting group can help oversee and streamline the server.

WordPress Hosting

If you run a WordPress site, WordPress hosting is the best web hosting for you. You can without much of a stretch run your WordPress site on different kinds of hosting situations.

In any case, there is additionally a possibility for WordPress the executives hosting. It is completely modified for the WordPress stage.

If your site is very small and doesn’t have a lot of traffic, you probably won’t notice a performance difference. But if traffic levels increase and the site just keeps growing, performance can improve significantly.

Even if you share the web server space, the server is uniquely configured to make the best use of it to share that space with other WordPress sites.

Other than improving execution and enhancing servers, this kind of web hosting is additionally significant for in general security.

Running WordPress makes it a lot simpler to ensure against assaults that explicitly focus on the WordPress stage. There is a group of talented experts behind you, just as attempting to advance your site and the servers that run it.

How Does Web Hosting Works?

Web hosting happens when the documents that make up a site are transferred from a neighborhood PC to a web server.

Server assets (RAM, hard drive limit, data transmission) are designated to the sites that utilization them.

Partitioning server assets relies upon the kind of hosting plan you pick. To choose a suitable hosting plan, you should initially recognize the accessible plans. This doesn’t need to be convoluted. For peruses who are curious about innovation, how about we utilize a straightforward outline.

The decision of web hosting is like looking for office space. How would you figure out which sort of office space suits your needs? A workstation that is adequate in an open cooperating space, or the following best arrangement.

Office in business focus. Would you like to extend rapidly or anticipate that numerous individuals should come in and out? Do you think about leasing the whole building, or would you like to bid your space? Aside from the workplace style you use, there are different contemplations.

Straightforward entry to the room, the highlights the room offers, (for example, whiteboards, rapid web, other gear), the area of the room, and the general expense.

These contemplations will assist you with deciding your needs and what kind of office is directly for you. Contrast this choice procedure and figuring out which web hosting fits.

Mutual hosting is like leasing workstations in occupied, uproarious, open-plan workplaces or community-oriented spaces.

It has all the cutting-edge comforts, for example, a work area, web association and some stationery, and offers space with different partners, for example, kitchen, printer and can.

You can’t change the space, for example, introducing a whiteboard. This is a typical alternative for propelling little sites and isn’t appropriate for huge business ventures.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a phenomenal advance up from shared hosting. Medium organizations profit by leasing an office in a business park.

With VPS, clients are secluded from one another. You have neighbors, yet you don’t depend much on them, you can play out the change (customization) and compose your workstation yourself as you like.

Running a whole place of business is practically identical to hosting on a devoted server. An increasingly costly alternative, perfect for sites that underscore unwavering quality and elite.

There are numerous feelings about design and adequate space to control the whole space, however it does not merit contributing on the off chance that you don’t utilize the included space.

Prominent Features of a best web hosting Provider

Operating Time

Reliability quality is significant for any best web hosting company, yet expect genuine dependability just with paid hosting plans.

You might need to work your site day in and day out, however this must be acquired from a web have with a dependable server and a steady system association.

Check the uptime history before deciding on a host. You can read reviews to see the advertised uptime guarantee. Sites that are difficult to access or that are down frequently can lose visitors and customers, and can have a huge impact on revenue.

If somebody finds your site and attempts to get to it just to find that it isn’t accessible, they won’t he go to the contender’s site. Slow access can be very frustrating for eager visitors and when uploading new content.

Control Panel

The motivation behind the control board is to enable you to oversee different parts of the site hosting your record yourself.

A control panel must be prepared from a commercial host so that daily maintenance tasks can be performed without waiting for technical support to make simple changes.

cPanel gives a straightforward dashboard to overseeing email addresses, account passwords, and fundamental server design.

Each time you perform a simple administrative task, you may need to contact a technical support operator or pay an additional fee.

Hosting Multiple Domains

It is common to own multiple domains; it is cheap nowadays and it is difficult to resist possessing several domains.

In this case, additional hosting space needs to accommodate additional domains. To simplify the hosting procedure, it is conceivable to have various areas from a private account.

Individual websites hosted under the same account are called add-on domains. We recommend that you check the billing method in advance.


If you are hosting an email account with your website, make sure that you can set up the required email address for your domain on the host before signing up.

It appears to be somewhat pitiful to have an irregular email address that isn’t related with a space. If messages are given, it is anything but a serious deal.

There are different approaches to get an email account with your space name.

Technical Support

Make sure your host has 24/7 professional support, as it may not work when things are most inconvenient.

When you press the S.O.S button, you’ll want someone to throw you a lifeline and know that your opponent’s picking has the technical knowledge to help you.

Importance of Web hosting

You may be thinking If your site hosting is only an assortment of servers, wouldn’t you be able to have your own site?  Actually, you can.

In any case, except if you’re an accomplished website admin utilizing your own server for individual ventures, it’s more a cerebral pain than justified, despite all the trouble.

Reason to Don’t Self-Host Your Own Site

You are responsible for the power blackout

If there is a power blackout in the area because of climate or fallen trees, the site will likewise go down. Not only is the web hosting company always powered on, it also has a backup generator to keep the site online even if the main data center is turned off.

The internet is probably not fast enough

While paying for internet, speed is normally estimated by download speed. Be that as it may, if you are hosting a site, your greatest concern is transfer speed. Even if the download speed is very fast, the upload speed is probably not fast enough.

A best web hosting is prepared to deal with a huge number of concurrent guests over the server organize.

Regular maintenance is cumbersome

Running the server is not a joke. Best web hosting organizations have huge IT groups that have server issues at both the equipment and programming level. If you run into your very own server and experience issues, you should analyze the issue, request parts, and fix them yourself. In the meantime, your site will be disconnected.  Keeping up a system of servers isn’t a joke. Most web has had a devoted group whose sole undertaking is to keep the server running on the most recent equipment and programming segments.

The IP address is not stable

Your home Internet association will presumably utilize a powerful IP address and will change after some time. Since a static IP address is required, the IP address is constantly consistent. This is normally just what the hosting organization can give.

With web hosting, the IP address does not change while using the same hosting company.


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How Does a VPN Works?

How Does a VPN Works?

How does a VPN Works?

Posted on  21 JAN 2020

With a VPN or virtual private network, you can create a secure connection to another network over the Internet. You can use VPN to access websites that are restricted in area and protect your browsing activity from prying eyes on public Wi-Fi.

Latest VPNs are mainstream, however not for the explanation they were initially made. Initially, it was intended to safely associate a business arrange by means of the Internet or to get to a business organize from home.

VPN fundamentally advances all system traffic to the system. This is the place you get every one of the advantages of getting to nearby system assets remotely and bypassing Internet oversight. Most working frameworks have coordinated VPN support.

Uses of VPN

VPN is a genuinely candid tool, yet it tends to be utilized to do an assortment of things like:

Accessing business networks while traveling

VPNs are frequently used by business travelers to access business networks, including local network resources, while traveling. Security is improved because there is no need to expose local resources directly to the Internet.

Access your home network while traveling

You can likewise set up your own VPN while venturing out to get to your own system.

This enables you to get to your Windows remote work area over the Internet, utilize nearby document sharing, and mess around over the Internet as though you were on a similar LAN.

Hiding browsing activity from local networks and ISPs

In the event that you are utilizing an open Wi-Fi association, perusing movement on non-HTTPS sites can be seen by any individual who realizes how to do it.

In the event that you need to shroud your perusing movement to secure your protection, you can interface with the VPN. The nearby system shows just a solitary secure VPN association.

All other traffic experiences the VPN association. This can be utilized to sidestep association observing by Internet specialist co-ops, yet remember that the VPN supplier may decide to log traffic.

Web restriction sidestep

Many Chinese use VPNs to bypass China’s Great Firewall and access the whole Internet.

Document Download

Yes, be straightforward numerous individuals utilize a VPN association with download records by means of BitTorrent. This is really helpful regardless of whether you are downloading a totally legitimate downpour. On the off chance that your ISP is modifying BitTorrent gradually, you can utilize BitTorrent over VPN to speed up.

Types of VPN

The extent to which VPN affects your device depends on the type of software you choose.

Many VPNs work directly with operating system settings such as Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android, which protects all apps that connect to the Internet, including browsers, banks, and social media apps.

Stand-alone VPN service

This is the most regularly utilized VPN in homes and independent companies, and is the sort offered by Namecheap.

You can utilize an application that makes an encoded association with a private system and use it to interface with the whole Internet.

Browser extension

Some VPNs work as program additional items. Show has a worked in VPN, yet there are many additional items that can be introduced in programs, for example, Google Chrome and Firefox.

The disadvantage is that your data is protected only if you are using that browser. Other apps are not protected. In addition, browser VPNs tend to be a bit more vulnerable, which can cause IP leaks. If you pick a program add-on or augmentation, we prescribe adhering to a trustworthy organization that additionally offers other VPN administrations.

There is a great deal of suspicious program additional items out there that maintain a strategic distance from false information gatherers by understanding audits and continually perusing the subtleties of the terms of administration.

Router VPN

Another approach to actualize VPN is to utilize a VPN-empowered switch. This is perfect when you have more than one gadget to ensure in light of the fact that you secure every one of the gadgets associated with the switch and you don’t need to introduce a different VPN.

What’s more, you just need to sign in once. The switch is constantly associated with the VPN. Associating a switch to a VPN isn’t as troublesome as you may might suspect.

First you have to pursue a VPN administration, at that point you need a switch. The most advantageous sort of switch to acquire is a switch that is intended to give quick help to VPN without taking any kind of action specialized like entering VPN subtleties.

These switches can be somewhat more costly than normal switches, yet the accommodation is justified, despite all the trouble.

Corporate VPN

In many cases, organizations use remote access VPNs for employees who work remotely. Through this VPN, representatives frequently have secure access to the organization’s private intranet utilizing passwords and applications.

This is an exceptionally manufactured arrangement that requires customized improvement and a lot of IT assets.

Work Procedure of VPN

A VPN association normally works this way. Information is transmitted from your customer machine to a point in your VPN arrange.

The VPN point encodes your information and sends it through the web. Another point in your VPN organize decodes your information and sends it to the suitable web asset, for example, a web server, an email server, or your organization’s intranet.

At that point the web asset sends information back to a point in your VPN organize, where it gets encoded. That scrambled information is sent through the web to another point. in your VPN organize, which unscrambles the information and sends it back to your customer machine.

Different VPNs can use different encryption standards and technologies. Below is a brief list of some technologies that VPN may use:

PPTP (point-to-point tunneling protocol)

This is one of the oldest protocols in use, originally designed by Microsoft.

Pros: Works with more established PCs, is a piece of the Windows working framework, and is anything but difficult to set up.

Cons: Today’s standards are almost unsafe. Avoid providers if this is the only protocol provided.

L2TP / IPsec (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol)

The concept of this protocol is solid (uses a key to establish a secure connection at both ends of the data tunnel), but is less secure to implement.

Adding the IPsec protocol provides a bit more security, but there are reports about the NSA’s ability to see what is being transmitted by breaking this protocol.

The fact that there is no debate, whether or not they are actually true, is probably enough to avoid this.

SSTP (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol)

This is another convention made by Microsoft. The association is set up with some SSL/TLS encryption (a true standard for ongoing web encryption).

The qualities of SSL and TLS depend on symmetric key encryption. An arrangement where just the two gatherings engaged with the exchange can unravel the inner information. By and large, SSTP is an exceptionally secure arrangement.

IKEv2 (Internet key exchange, version 2)

This is another protocol created by Microsoft. This is an emphasis of Microsoft’s past convention and is a lot more secure convention. Gives the most elevated security.


This ensures that the best of the above protocols is adopted and most defects are eliminated. That is constantly improved by hundreds of developers. Secure the connection using a key known only to the two participants at either end of the transmission.

Is it Legal to use VPN?

VPN security can be highly dependent on the laws of the country where you reside, or the country where the VPN server and company headquarters are located. This is because certain country laws affect how VPN technology is allowed and how various companies are allowed to use VPN technology.

In some of these countries, VPN use is not completely illegal, but VPN use is restricted. If you live in a country where the laws regarding the use of VPN are unclear, using the VPN itself can cause many problems, even if you don’t necessarily access fraudulent or illegal content there is.

Contingent upon the nation in which your VPN supplier is found, your organization might be lawfully required to keep up a log of Internet utilization. They may likewise track your installments. This implies regardless of whether you are utilizing a VPN, your information is still put away and may even be utilized for reasons you didn’t approve later.

To stay away from this, consistently read the subtleties of the VPN expressions of administration. VPNs might be expressively waxed about giving a definitive secure Internet perusing experience; however, it is smarter to be more secure than simply going with their words.

Also, a great general guideline is to pick a paid VPN rather than a free choice. Many free VPNs can change location information, but few offer proper data encryption and data logging.

Which one is the Best VPN?

VPN Private

VPN Private is one of the most prevalent free VPN applications for Android, and Google Play has detailed an astonishing 5-10 million introduces to date.

VPN Private is introduced similarly as other Android applications, and the basic interface is nearly the equivalent. A menu with a rundown of areas, an associate/detach catch, and some helpful choices. In the event that you have utilized another VPN, you will quickly feel comfortable.


IPVanish VPN is a well-known VPN administration situated in the United States with more than 750 servers in 60 nations.

IPVanish returns in online dialogs on VPN benefits because of its consistency, severe no-log arrangement, and no transmission capacity top.

If you are looking for a best VPN proxy that aims for privacy, website access, avoiding geotargeting, and communication protection then this IPVanish VPN is the best VPN option for you.

Express VPN

ExpressVPN has a vast server network worldwide, covering more than 3,000 servers in 160 cities in 94 countries. It Unblock most popular streaming channels such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Hulu, ESPN, DAZN, Showtime, SkyGO, and websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia censored by the dictatorship.

ExpressVPN also supports exchanging files via torrent clients without the risk of exposing metadata and location to outsiders. All provider servers are peer-to-peer and have no bandwidth or speed restrictions.

Prominent Features:

  • Large and diversely distributed servers.
  • It has Strong privacy policy.
  • It also Supports OpenVPN protocol on all platforms.
  • Allows P2P and BitTorrent.
  • Simple interface.
  • Significant performance improvements.

Nord VPN

Nord VPN is secure and fast, and using VPN is very easy. Nord VPN Server Park is large, with more than 5,300 servers in 59 countries.

This allows you to stream videos and access blocked content. In testing, Netflix streaming worked on more than 90% of the servers tested.

Nord VPN has so many servers that you can easily find fast servers that are especially important to torrents. Nord VPN also supports P2P and torrents on all servers.

Surfshark VPN

Surfshark is officially situated in the British Virgin Islands, a large portion of its representatives live all through Europe, yet are moderately new clients of VPN space. Surfshark states that it doesn’t gather online movement, for example, perusing history, session data, transfer speed utilization, association timestamps, organize traffic, and IP addresses.

Surfshark offers brilliant speed, similarity with Netflix, and strong nation network. Windows applications are all around structured and straightforward. It’s not ideal for tenderfoots, yet it’s not very convoluted. The way that it offers boundless concurrent gadget associations is brilliant and unordinary. Likewise works with Netflix.

Netflix is a major in addition to for voyagers around the globe and any individual who needs to encode their 24×7 associations. Generally speaking, Surfshark is appropriate for VPN clients inspired by easygoing perusing and gushing.

Safer VPN

Safer VPN is an Israel-based supplier that professes to be the “quickest and least complex” VPN administration available.

It offers all the key advantages you would anticipate from a solid paid VPN. Improve protection, improve security, and unblock content on the web.

The Safer VPN application is accessible for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android. In this survey, we tried Safer VPN on Windows 10 and Android 6.0. Safer VPN permits boundless downloads, transfers, and as much data transmission as the server permits.

Downpours are just permitted on Dutch servers. In spite of the fact that theft isn’t lawful in the Netherlands, it is known to be tolerant of P2P document sharing. Web off button is incorporated with both work area and versatile applications.

In the event that you turn on this setting, if your VPN association is startlingly lost under any conditions, all Internet traffic will stop until the association is restored.

Wind Scribe VPN

Wind Scribe is a Canadian-based company that offers great choices to US-based customers. Offers premium and free VPN plans with 10 GB of bandwidth per month. Provides 256-bit AES encryption and standard OpenVPN tunneling protocol. The premium option is quick and has many tools available.

It is safe to use and also have ability to bypass Netflix restrictions. It works on multiple devices and platforms. Windscribe has a user-friendly app. It’s superior privacy and encryption makes it best among the competitors.

Pure VPN

Pure VPN is one of the most famous VPNs in the industry. The organization is headquartered in Hong Kong and is acclaimed for having no information maintenance laws.

Also, Pure VPN offers more than 2000 servers, making it ideal for deluge downloads, Netflix gushing, and considerably more.

It bolsters every significant stage, including Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, and some other mainstream stages. Unadulterated VPN offers solid encryption, off button, split burrowing, and adaptability while ensuring up to 5 gadgets at a low cost when contrasted with advertise.

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Why Is VPN Bad For You?

Why Is VPN Bad For You?

WHY Is VPN Bad For You?

Posted on  10 JAN 2020

VPN or virtual private networks are the best way to secure the web traffic against any cybercriminals, spies, snoops or any individual who has a criminal mindset and wants to invade your data for monetizing it or stealing it.

Did you ever try to connect with the public Wi-Fi network but you feel dreaded that someone, somewhere might steal your data online? This is why VPN is used to protect your data against evil eyes and maintain privacy online. So what basically is VPN?

What Exactly Is VPN?

When you switch on the VPN through some app or from a paid protected source, VPN forms a source of the tunnel through which you can browse while masking your real identity and the IP address.

VPN has both its pros and cons. Consider a situation where you are travelling abroad and you are sitting at the airport and using the public Wi-Fi network.

As you need the network connections at that moment, you won’t give a second thought and you’ll stay connected but did you ever wonder who is prying on you?

The operator behind this network connection might want to steal your data such as the passwords for social media websites, your banking details, credit card numbers, and other private information.

The best part about connecting to VPN is that when you browse while connecting to it, no one can intercept over your data and you can enjoy using the public Wi-Fi network in any part of the world.

We don’t know whose operator behind that public Wi-Fi network for instance if the Wi-Fi is named Singapore airport Wi-Fi it does not particularly indicate that the airport owns this Wi-Fi service so be cautious about it.

What Are The Pros and Cons of VPN Connections?

Now when we talk about why VPN is bad? It means you cannot use free VPN connections as a VPN can also track the number of users online, their IP addresses, their online activity, and personal stuff. It is therefore important to ensure the credibility of the VPN connection as otherwise, you’ll be allowing the evil’s eyes to invade in your stuff and give up your data to the cybercriminals.

The free VPN connections offered by the obscured companies without any payment options connect the user’s device to the VPN provider servers with an encrypted connection.

You can connect to the internet through these servers and no one other than the VPN provider can intercept your data. This means that the person who offers you with VPN has the potential to visualize all your data such as Facebook’s free Onavo VPN app intercepted on the user’s data due to which it is now unavailable on Apple but still available on Android.

These apps collect mobile data traffic and analyze all your usage on different websites or apps. The free of cost VPN services can track all your data, your online habits along with the IP addresses and serve as the treasure to the cybercriminals, advertisers or different agencies where your data moves to the wrong hands.

Cons – Disadvantage of Using VPN

  • Other than the free of cost VPN providers, we still assume whether the legitimate VPN providers are safe or not? There is no such practical way to be sure about it, a VPN provider protects you from the eyes of different networks but you get exposed to the VPN providers. It is always risky but consuming free VPN is more malicious when compared to the ones where you pay for your safety against the public Wi-Fi networks.
  • VPN is a straightforward, simple tool that makes your privacy better online but it does pose some drawbacks. Some services and websites look over the VPN connections as being suspicious due to which they prevent any connections. It becomes a hassle especially when you are trying to reach your bank or other personal data. VPN is also blocked by Netflix which means if you can access your favourite shows in your home country, you might not be able to watch those shows in abroad countries. Netflix ensures to maintain regional licensing arrangements all over the globe.
  • Most of the VPN companies prevent the usage of their connections to download copyrighted material from the Bit torrent. However, very few companies might allow you to download the material from Torrent through their servers.
  • Another major drawback of VPN is its speed. Generally speaking, VPN’s enhance your latency but they reduce the speed on which you can download data online. It is hard to say which VPN providers offer extensive speed for downloading and browsing at the same time. Most of the private network connections, take a longer duration for completion of the process due to which you might face a delay in work.
  • Last but not least, using a VPN might be illegal in your country. Some governments do not allow their citizens to enjoy private networking which is why you need to assure before using one. Once you are caught for using the VPN service, you might end up being imprisoned or you need to pay a huge fine.
  • To setup, the VPN connections for business premises are a difficult task. You need a dedicated team of VPN providers who can manage the private network connections for the business. Adding a VPN service for personal use is very simple as you can just download an app or contact the service provider to activate the connection for you on your single device.
  • The VPN connections are costly, so you need to pay for the connection as well as the router if you prefer to add one for the private network connection. However, there are free VPN service providers as well but they are not reliable.
  • You can also release information, even if you are using VPN as sometimes the network connection gets lost while you are browsing a website and suddenly your DNS starts leaking. Sometimes the providers agree to the government to release information through ways like software, hardware or others.
  • You might face compatibility issues with less common platforms. If you are using a common platform like Windows, IOS, macOS or Android then you won’t face any issue using the VPN. However, if you are using something less than these then you might face configuration issues.
  • The VPN service providers sell your information to third parties. These service providers can also sell your IP addresses and welcome the criminal activity which can be easily traced to your devices.

Pros – advantage of Using VPN

  • When considering the pros of using the VPN service, you know what the ultimate upsides of using it are. You get protected against the network providers. Internet service providers can invade your privacy and fetch all your online data. ISP can also sell the anonymous data of its customers to the government where they make money from it.
  • Other than that have an example of such abroad countries where you are unable to access specific websites that are banned by their government. You need access to browse those websites for which you can use a VPN. Some streaming content is also blocked by the government where you can make use of VPN servers.
  • With VPN connections, you can mask your identity and choose a server from a different country where you can hide your location. You can enjoy streaming and browsing on different platforms with a comfortable space far from your home country while getting access to the VPN server.
  • VPN’s encrypt web traffic due to which it protects your identity and allows you to use the internet in a comfy way. But be sure that some governments like China and Russia have banned the use of VPN’s as they are smart enough!

A perfect VPN connection secures you from the internet connection providers, provides you with privacy when browsing or using the internet and conceal the identity of the users. It keeps you safe against hackers or criminals who try to hack your online activity.

What Should We Look For When Choosing VPN Service ?

When buying the VPN service, you can choose the ones that offer transparency like the companies which have real faces and names with the proper web page or from our best VPN service list. Check out the privacy policy to know about the traffic logs. Shop for the VPN services that offer open protocols where anyone is allowed to audit the code. Look for VPN servers which are available all over the globe that makes it reliable and offers fast connections to the users.


When considering the powerful connection world in today’s time, you need some protection while browsing or using the internet for online work. In previous days we just considered password apps and antivirus apps to protect us against the evil’s eyes of the cybercriminals but these days we do require VPN service to ensure that we are safe and we can browse without any danger of leaking the personal data. 


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