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Intercom Review

Posted on  01 MAR 2020


Intercom Review: The Best Designed Live Chat Application

Hey! We are again here with this amazing Intercom Review.

For any business, it’s really tough to engage and acquire the clients. Till the time your clients won’t feel that they are special for you, it’s impossible to gain their trust.

Now! The question arises, what we can do???

After proper research work, we have come up with a really great way through which you can connect with your customers easily in no-time.

Here, we are actually talking about Intercom, which is the 3rd best live chat software.

Intercom has been designed so beautifully that many of other live chat software try to copy it. In addition to that, the application is really so easy to set up and use.

You won’t believe but in the first-month activation, the LANDR experienced a growth by 29%, HOSTINGER served 80,000 conversations in a month and improved CSAT by 2x.

Not only that, GetAccept, by communicating with their customers through Intercom, grew revenue by 450%.

This Intercom Review will not end here, we have much more to talk with you. Let’s go!!!

Intercom Features Review

Intercom Features Review - Best Live Chat Softwere 2020

We have divided this Intercom Review into several sections, let’s first start with Features of Intercom Application.

Stylish Chat Widget

You can design the application according to your requirements like changing logo, action colors, background, and wallpapers.

In this way, you can change the design of the application you want. You don’t need to stick with the old boring designs.

If you don’t want to see the brand link then do remove it but for the same, you have to buy the premium membership plan.

We are going to discuss the membership plans later in this Intercom Review.

Working Hours

This is really a beneficial feature that we have found and include in this Intercom Review. In case any of the employees are on holiday then the working hours and days could be adjusted according to his availability.


In the inbox, there are different teams assigned to the members with the help of which they can manage the conversation easily without any trouble.

For the same, you have to open the app and click on Teams. Open it and you will then see different teams with members. Open the one which has been assigned to you.

Block Users

If you found any of the users annoying and misbehaving then no need to worry because you also have the option of Blocking/unblocking.

This option is really necessary for some users who come on the app just for time pass. Intercom application has a solution for everything and that is why is the 3rd Best Live Chat Software

Intercom App

Unlike other live chat software, the Intercom is available on the play store both for android and iOS users. Hence, customers can ask anytime any query from the service providers.

In this way, it would be easy for both customers and the service providers to contact each other.


This is another important feature of this application, with the help of this you can easily tag any users and conversation manually. By tag, you can easily search and group users.

    Customer Support

    For any organization, big or small companies, the customer support is really very necessary. In other words, we can say that a customer support team is basically the backbone of the company.

    This is one of our favorite and important topic of this Intercom Review. When you start running a business, its impossible that your customers will not face any query.

    Hence, it’s really necessary that you will solve the query of your customers as soon as possible if you don’t want to lose them. And one of the effective ways for the same is Intercom application which is one of the best live chat software.

    If you will not provide any customer support, soon you will start losing all of your clients. Till the time your customers will not feel they are important to you, they will never get back to you.

    But if you will use the Intercom chat application, you can solve all of your user’s issues in no-time. With a plethora of features, this app will provide you much than you ever think.

    Intercom Pricing Review

    Intercom Pricing Review - Best Live Chat Softwere 2020

    Now, this is the time to discuss the membership plan or we can say pricing in this Intercom Review. We have divided the plans into “basic chat and messaging” and automation and messaging at scale”.

    Also, the name of the plans are like Start, Grow, Accelerate and Scale. The first two comes under Basic chat and the remaining in Automation and messaging at scale.

    For Basic Chat And Messaging


    According to Intercom Review, if you just started your business then this is the best plan for outbound messages and basic live chat. It starts at $39 per month and includes:

    • Accommodates one seat
    • Team inbox
    • Slack alliance
    • Live chat
    • Targeted outbound chat


    According to Intercom Review, if you have found that your business is growing then you can take the benefit of this Grow. It includes self-service support, targeted mail, and chat at just $99 per month:

    • All services of START pack
    • Support center
    • Saved replies
    • Five seats
    • Inbound & outbound mail services
    • Communication ratings
    • HubSpot & GitHub alliances

    For Automation And Messaging At Scale


    According to the research by the Intercom Review team, almost 53% of the business like to choose this plan for the company. It includes features like bots and reporting and automated workflow.

    With the annual plan, you can start this membership plan at $499 per month which includes:

    • All services of GROW pack
    • Automated assignment rules
    • Multilingual help center
    • Salesforce & Zendesk Support integrations
    • Includes 10 seats
    • Custom bots
    • Multiple team inboxes
    • Team review reporting
    • Personalized onboarding


    If you have found that yes, you are running a very successful business now then you can buy this membership plan, according to Intercom Review researchers.

    This plan started from $999 per month and under this plan, you will get security, advanced workflows and permissions.

    • All services of Accelerate membership
    • Service Level Agreement rules
    • Workload management
    • Role-based authorizations
    • SSO and SAML integrations
    • Includes 10 seats
    • Custom API rate limits
    • Tailored training sessions
    • Ongoing product consultation

      Pros and Cons – Intercom Review

      Till now we have only discussed the advantages of this Best Live Chat Software in this Intercom Review.

      But, let us tell you that, with benefits, it has some demerits also which we are going to discuss with you below. Let’s start with the Pros which then be followed by cons or demerits.


      • Its really a great platform with the help of which you can get connected with your customers in real-time to solve their queries.
      • Easy to track the information of users. Also, with the automated messages, the customer always feels like there is someone who is 24*7 available for them to help.
      • You can use this software on your desktop or while a walk on your mobile phone. This application is available in both, android and ios devices.
      • Very easy to use the platform and the “note” facility guide the customers on every step.

      Just because of all these reasons this is the 3rd Best Live Chat Software of the decade. Moving forward let’s have a look at Cons in this Intercom Review.


      • When you will use the app of Intercom, it will use a lot of time in loading when chat has the lines more than 400-500.
      • You will not find any option to reply to a particular message and because of this sometimes people get too confused.
      • When you will see the pricing structure, you will get a little sad and aggressive at the same time.
      • The basic features like tagging are really very complicated that should not be. Also, it is not easy to customize the inboxes as needed.
      • At the time when you want to share the email of your clients, that will include a plethora of integrations which sometimes irritates.

      It’s Time To Wrap It Up!!!

      In this Intercom Review, we have discussed each little thing for you so that you will have a brief knowledge of this application.

      We have really researched a lot before writing this Intercom Review. Hence, you don’t have to worry about anything. If you have just opened a business, then to handle the queries of your customers you will require a Best Live Chat Software.

      Intercom has all the necessary features that will enough to take your company to the great height of success in no-time. As we have already told you in this Intercom Review that without solving the queries of your customers you can’t gain their trust.

      Today, there are a number of options in the market, you are not doing anything different. Hence the effective way to gain a permanent user is through great customer services.

      So don’t waste your more time and use Intercom today. Don’t worry you can start with a trial pack to ensure.


      Get Connected Real-time with customer


      Easy to track the information of users.


      Available in desktop and mobile phone


      User friendly


      Long time loading when the lines more than 500


      No reply option for particular massage


      Very complicated for basic features


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      What Does Best Advisor do ?



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