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Olark Review

Posted on  22 FEB 2020


A Brief About One Of The Best Live Chat Tool: Olark

Hey! Are you searching for the best live chat tool? If yes then let us introduce you with Olark, which is one of the 2nd best live chat software.

We have researched properly and have come up with this amazing and informative Olark review. By the end of this review, you will get to know, why you should rely on this software.

Founded in 2009, Olark serves more than 12,000 businesses with its employees distributed in all over the world just to make your work easy.

They understand that when any customer faces any issues, the first thing they look for is customer support. Many times due to one or other reasons, customers didn’t get a proper response.

But not now!!!

With this Best Live Chat Software, you can do live chat and can solve any query. With this, the customer will become happy and his trust in the company also get to increase.

Let’s know in a little brief about Olark in this well researched Olark Review.

Olark Review: What Is It?

The main purpose of this Olark Review is, you will get to know how to build customer relationships using this chat tool.

According to our research, it is the 2nd Best Chat Live software after LiveChat.

With the Olark, you can easily keep an eye on the visitors of the website and can do real-time chat with them. All of your customers will feel so special and hence their love for the company will remain the same.

In addition to that, they have designed the website attractively with a plethora of holiday themes.

You can easily check what your client is doing on the screen.

Don’t you like these kinds of features?

Below in this Olark Review, we are going to tell you about the important features of this 2nd Best Live Chat Software.

Aren’t you excited?

Olark Review: Important Features

It’s time to know about Olark in a little brief for your proper understanding.

Easy Customization

Olark features review - Easy Costumization - Best Live Chat Softwere 2020-min

To customize the form of your chat window, Olark gives a plethora of new ways. Just to consolidate the brand colors, in Olark, you will be provided with the hex number and color wheel.

Just by clicking the headshots of the agents, with the help of Olark you can let your customers picture that to who they are chatting.

As we have told you above in the introduction of this Olark Review that this tool has been used by the people worldwide. Hence according to yo your convenience, you can choose your preferred language.

That is why we have said that Olark is the 2nd Best Live Chat Software.

Automatic Messages

Olark features review - Automatic Messages - Best Live Chat Softwere 2020

To your website, there would be a plethora of visitors come to check. Hence, it’s really important to great them all but also, it’s next to impossible especially if you are a startup.

Just for your convenience, Olark has the feature of automated messages. This will help to initiate the real-time chat with your visitor. If someone will show any interest then he will reply you and hence you can easily take over the chat.

While doing Olark Review we came to know that with the help of this feature, you can also save your time. Also, only interested visitors will get your reply.

Real-time Reporting

Olark features review - Real-time Reporting - Best Live Chat Softwere 2020

This is one of those features that makes Olark the Best Live Chat Software. With the help of this, you can have a look at the history and customer reports of all of your agents.

This will also help you to make marketing strategies better as you will get an idea about, in what topics your customers are interested.

For the same, you first have to select the filtered view from high to low rated chats. Soon after you will do that, you will get to know what your customers want and on what issues you need to focus on.

If there is any topic that has come too many times then, you can easily identify that through conversation tags.

There is also an option to transfer chats to email in case there is no one in the office to handle conversations. You will then get all email reports directly in your inbox.

Real-Time Chat

In this Olark Review, the next feature that we are going to tell you is Real-Time chat. You can chat with your customers in real-time without any interruptions.

Yes, the visitor can also browse the website while having chat with you. In the case, you will not be available to take chats, the visitor will have the option to send you the mail.


Olark features review - Transcripts - Best Live Chat Softwere 2020

This is another beneficial feature of the Olark which tells why Olark is the 2nd Best Live Chat Software. The dashboard of the transcript will take the screenshot of all the chats from the Olark chatbox.

Hence, you can easily send the customer’s conversation to the agents once after you will end the chat.

In addition to that, you will then see the email, location, and name of the visitor along with the conversation and chat ratings.

    Customer Support

    Customer support for any company or organization is really very necessary and hence we are explaining it in this Olark Review. While using the services your customers can face a plethora of difficulties.

    At that time, they generally do one thing and that is, to ask help from the service providers. Due to one or another reason if the providers failed to provide them support to solve their concern that simply means that the company loses that client.

    On the other hand, if they will get an immediate response from the providers, they will really be so happy. Good customer support is one of the tactics to gain the attention and trust of customers.

    With Olark live chat app, your customers can contact you easily in no-time. Either they can get connect with you through live chat or email services.

    When you will open the website, you will see the option of Help center, open that and you will then see 3 choices:

    • Olark Essentials: For core features, policies, and settings
    • Setup Guides: For API calls, automation and integrations
    • Troubleshooting: For quick fixes, tips, and tricks

    They believe that the world would be a better place to live when each one us will help each other. Working on this motto, they are continuously growing each day.

    Olark Pricing Review

    Olark pricing review - Best Live Chat Softwere 2020

    In the Olark Review, we will provide you with each little detail so that you will understand each little thing about it.

    If talking about the pricing then its really very simple and clear.

    In case you are not sure about their service then you can start with a trial pack that offers 20 individual conversations.

    For paid plans, you will have 3 options which are Bronze, Gold, Platinum, and Ultimate. Let’s have a look:



    • Monthly Charges: $17 per month
    • Yearly Charges: $15 per month
    • Bi-yearly Charges: $12 per month
    • one Operator


    • Monthly Charges: $49 per month
    • Yearly Charges: $44 per month
    • Bi-yearly Charges: $34 per month
    • four Operators


    • Monthly Charges: $129 per month
    • Yearly Charges: $116 per month
    • Bi-yearly Charges: $90 per month
    • Eight Operators
    • Also, include group feature


    • Monthly Charges: $243 per month
    • Yearly Charges: $219 per month
    • Bi-yearly Charges: $170 per month
    • Fifteen Operators
    • Also, include group feature

    Pros and Cons – Olark Review


    In this Olark review, we will not leave any stone unturned telling you with each detail related to Olark. Let’s have a look at the Pros and Cons of Olark, the best live chat software

    • It helps to provide the customers support instantly in no time. This is one of the main reason people love using Olark.
    • It helps to increase sales because in real-time you have the option to convince the user at that time.
    • With the analysis report generated by the Olark, you will get to know the interest of the users. In this way, when you provide the services according to their needs they will be happier.
    • The major positive point about this live chat tool is, anyone can use this even if you don’t have enough technical knowledge. In just a few clicks both customers and users can chat with themselves.


    In this Olark Review, we don’t want to misguide you. Hence, we also want to tell you about some cons.

        • One of the major negative points about Olark is, it is not available on mobile phones. You have to use a desktop to operate it.
        • You can’t share the images while using Olark.
        • It’s really hard to copy and paste the chat information of the client and the customer.
        • In case, due to one reason or another, if the customer executive will not reply for 5 minutes, the chat will be ended automatically.

    Olark Review: Last Words

     In this Olark Review, we have provided you with all the necessary points to know about this amazing software. Both for the customers and the users, this software is really very beneficial.

    Neglecting some cons that we have mentioned in this Olark Review, everything about this is simply perfect. In case you are not sure about using it then you also have the option to use a trial version.

    In real-time, a user will have the option to generate the query from the support services directly. In this way, the trust upon the company will get to increase.

    We hope that in this Olark Review, you have got all the necessary answers that you were searching for.


    Perfect customer service


    Tools to convince the user


    Analysis report to know the interest of the users


    User friendly


    Not available on mobile phones


    Can’t share the images


    Hard to copy and paste the chat information of the client and the customer


    The chat will be ended if customer executive was not replaying for 5 minutes


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