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Brizy Review

Posted on  05 JAN 2020

 Brizy Page Builder

Brizy Page Builder In A Nutshell

There has been a recent advent of many drag-and-drop page builders. As a result, users are often at crossroads on the variety and availability of options, and a lot of them have been self-titled as the best page builder.

The fun part of page-builders is you need not know how to code to use them. They also give you total control when creating pages.

Page-builders let you change fonts, padding, margins, colors and various other options to make your blog stand out.

Beginners find them easy to use as they are highly scalable and user-friendly. An advantage is that you can use for anything ranging from personal use to business and professional websites.

At times, a lot of people are stuck between choosing which best page builder is better suited to their needs. There’s a new, awesome page-builder called Brizy. It’s not like anything you’ve seen before, and I hope this Brizy review convinces you.

Brizy was created by a company called ThemeFuse known for the creation of WordPress themes. Some themes may be familiar to active WordPress users, they have produced beautiful and durable themes such as Skypoint, Spotless, The Core, Baseground, and Molino to mention but a few.

Brizy plugin is one of their recent products, and even in a supersaturated plugin market, it is making waves. Brizy has about 60,000+ active installations of its free version since its inception in April 2018. You never can tell, it could just be the solution to your page building problems.

So what makes Brizy any different from any of the other page builders you’ve encountered? Unlike other page builders with different selling points and highlights, Brizy couples the features of most page builders.

It is very effective and easy to use compared to the majority which makes it a contender for the Best Page Builder category.

Ease of Use – Brizy Review

As said earlier it requires little to no experience of users, and it is what differentiates it from other page builders.

It focuses on keeping all the editing elements out of visibility to allow the users to pay attention to properly designing web pages.

First, all you have to do is install and activate it like every other page builder. After installation, visit WordPress pages and create a new one, you will notice a slightly big and pink icon/button at the top of the page edit mode, it says “Edit With Brizy”. Click on it and it will send you directly to the Brizy builder.

For those new to page building, here is the navigation process: Go to Plugins > then Add New > search for “Brizy” > InstallActivate > click on Edit with Brizy.

This displays an interface that contains pre-made blocks that you can add to your page of choice. However, there is also the choice of a blank block in case you start from scratch.

Since the page builder is always improving, the steps discussed in this Brizy review may get outdated. If there’s anything that won’t get outdated, it is the fact that you can customize these blocks to your taste.

Brizy also speeds things up by providing a skeletal framework of what your page should look like, as you can either use or edit these frameworks according to your taste. This will be further explained in this brief Brizy review.

Various options give you total control of the block, it lets you set the block background, change the width of the blocks, and even save the blocks for later.

Templates –  Brizy Review

Even though Brizy may be new to the game, it already boasts of about 150+ templates available for use. This quick growth has helped the page builder gain affection from its users, warranting a Brizy review.

The availability of many templates makes it easier to build ready-made structures in the space of minutes.

These templates are up to date and they are in tune with modern-day trends, they also have a wide range of use and purpose. This cuts across personal, business, photography, sports, entertainment, and even professional websites.

Brizy makes the templates in such a way that it readily fits and adjusts automatically as need be too different devices, e.g. laptops, mobile devices, and tablets.

In Brizy pro, there are many more templates and designs ready and available for use. Still not convinced, that Brizy is one of the best page builders yet? You will get convinced as you proceed further in this Brizy review.

Brizy Features Review

brizy review features - best page builder

Brizy encompasses various other features that fully complement its easy-to-use interface. The experience is so good, you just may keep using it forever.  It also contains some advanced features only available to Pro users.

Here’s a detailed list of some features:

  • Intuitive Drag-and-Drop
  • Cloud Auto-save
  • Mobile Responsive and Friendly Page Designs
  • Over 4000+ Icons
  • Design Elements
  • Header and Footer
  • Over 150 Pre-made blocks
  • Video and Image Backgrounds

Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Page

This is one of its best and most incredible features as it allows for the movement of content elements, contents or rows with extreme ease. This used to be a problem for most page builders and it currently still is for some.

Just a simple mechanism involved:

  • Step 1: Drag
  • Step 2: Drop into any desired position and watch it immediately fall into space

Cloud Autosave

Losing work after putting in lots of work can be depressing, especially when it results from a save issue. You need not worry about that though, Brizy has your back.

It works on a cloud auto-save basis; it saves your data for you, saves progresses and changes automatically.

Mobile Responsive and Friendly Page Designs

Another excellent feature of Brizy is the mobile preview and assessment tool. To know what your page looks like on mobile devices, you can do a quick assessment with the mobile view.

This allows you to modify your pages to your satisfaction across devices.

Over 4000+ Icons

Wow, not hundreds, yes over four thousand icons readily available for use. It covers all icons from Glyph and Outline versions.

Brizy also provides an advanced search option, so you can search for needed icons and get them in seconds.

You can also change the icon’s color and size; add shadows or borders if you desire to do so.

Design Elements

As stated earlier, Brizy not only feeds you pre-designed pages, it gives you the choice of making a web design from scratch.

Hence, it makes elements readily available for you. Text, buttons, images, icons, maps, progress bars, counters, tabs, forms, audio/video, sidebar, and in columns and rows are at your whims.

Only a few Page Builders give you access to the editing of headers and footers. With Brizy, you can either customize them or create yours right from scratch.

Over 150 Pre-made blocks

There are over 150 pre-made blocks on Brizy, all you have to do is click on the blue plus icon and it lists a variety of blocks for use.

Video and Image Backgrounds

You may need to integrate an image or video background of choice on your webpages. These videos may be from YouTube, Vimeo or various other platforms.

Whatever the source is, Brizy lets you add them to your web pages, with lots of extra options like keeping the videos in a loop. This Brizy review may not entirely highlight how amazing these are to use, why not try your hands on it yourself?

Other features you can enjoy are:

  • Global Styling
  • Re-ordering of blocks
  • Images Edits
  • Resizing of columns and rows
  • Undo/Redo
  • Shape dividers
  • A/B testing
  • Image and video filters
  • Marketing apps integration
  • Third-party integration
  • Pop up builders
  • Premium designs
  • Paddings and Margins
  • Role Managers

Brizy Pricing Review

brizy review pricing - best page builder

You can download Brizy for free from the WordPress plugin repository, you can also download it from their official website. You can also check out Brizy Review on WordPress plugin lists. You may go all the way and upgrade to one of the Pro plans based on taste and wants.

Going Pro gives you the added advantage of an ocean of design templates, advanced features, better support, and additional page building elements. Unlike other page builders, Brizy Pro offers you so much value, for a lesser amount.

The premium plans are:

  • Personal: 1 year for 1 site at $49
  • Unlimited: 1 year for unlimited websites at $99
  • Lifetime: One-time payment for unlimited websites at $299

The lifetime option is best for professionals as it tends to every one of their needs without a single clause. It also has a guarantee to get your money back after 30 days, if unsatisfied and under the proper terms and conditions.

    Pros and Cons

    All tools have their pros and cons. Hence, Brizy is not different. It also has its own pros and cons which you’ll learn about in this section.


      brizy is easy to use


      It has a unique range of features


      It does not require coding skills.


      Practical and applicable page layouts and block templates


      brizy has well-designed templates


      It works with any WordPress themes


      It provides an inline editor


      it is smart and clutter-free


      Affordable pricing and great value for money


      There are too many options, which can be confusing.


      It doesn’t have as many features as other page builders like Themify.


      You have to pay for Brizy Pro, despite Brizy being open-source.


      Unavailability of a WooCommerce builder for Pro users.

      Who is Brizy Best Suited For?

      It is virtually for everyone has it categorically satisfies everyone’s needs with its range of options. Suitable for beginners to personal,  business, and professionals. It is essentially one of the best page builders for beginners.


        If you are looking for ease, scalability, beauty and a time-saving page builder, try Brizy. While Brizy is new to the game, it shows enormous potential to surpass its pre-existing peers. Though it may not be the possibly best page builder out there, it is definitely a decent contender, and many more updates will eventually be developed,

          Brizy Page Builder

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