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Themify Review

Posted on  05 JAN 2020


 Looking to be a WordPress whiz building rich and interactive web pages? The Themify Builder is your one-stop-shop on WordPress to build these highly responsive, easily constructible  web pages. WordPress powers about 30% of websites worldwide and the Themify Builder is one of the most powerful tools for creating WordPress sites. This comprehensive Themify review will give you enough insights to how this best page builder for WordPress works. Before looking at the features, pros and cons of Themify; what really is Themify?

What is Themify Builder

The Themify builder is the most  powerful, best page builder and easy-to-use page designer on WordPress. It provides a whole variety of cross-functional applications such as its drag-and-drop interface topped with live previews that are a joy to behold. Simply drag, drop and you have created beautiful and intuitive pages, all without writing a single line of code!

We’ll go more in-depth hereon in this Themify review. The Themify builder is not only modular in design and enhanced for superior performance methods; it is translatable, supports multi-sites networks and is SEO friendly. It comes equipped with its own cache system that processes pages quicker and decreases the usage of server resources significantly. Not only those, but it also integrates well with other major plugins such as WooCommerce, SEO Yoast, Disqus, MailChimp, Jetpack, WPML, and Contact Form 7. Themify is also open-source and has many  developers contributing to its code base and making it better. Themify then, can easily be said to be the best page builder on WordPress.

Features – Themify Review

themify review features - best page builder

The features of the Themify builder are far too broad to narrow down. This Themify review has in it highlighted a few great features. Because of a lot of preferences amongst website builders, the development team has tailored the software to the needs of its vast range of users. These are some major features you can enjoy by using Themify:

  • Drag-and-Drop
  • Styling Panel
  • Widgets
  • Shortcodes


The Themify builder’s drag-and-drop feature offers the ability to build pages on-the-go, letting you instantly preview changes live, on the front end. Themify reviews on WordPress forums also tell that it’s been regarded as the best page builder on WordPress. You can use the drag-and-drop on different devices, as it works seamlessly on mobile, desktop and tablets. This allows you to build pages everywhere and on almost any device without having to write code. Cool!

Styling Panel

In this Themify review, we’ll give a short but concise description of the best page builder’s styling panel. Themify provides a styling panel that makes building websites a walk in the park. Controlling every detail of your theme has never been easier than with Themify’s robust and extensive styling panel. The styling panel allows you to control everything from header styles, background image styles, post title styles, footer styles, and everything in between. With the styling panel, the best page builder affords you absolute dominion over the tiniest of details of your theme allowing for complete customization and personalization.


Widgets make it possible to add new functionality to your web page quickly. Themify does well to provide widgets that bridge the gap other WordPress widgets can’t. The widgets make Themify very flexible, making it effortless to create features on your website with absolutely no reason to code.


Themify comes equipped with proprietary shortcodes. Shortcodes are codes you can insert into your webpage to include functionality from other pages. So you can quickly and easily insert content, like a Flickr photostream, or Twitter stream, without breaking a sweat. Themify tailors these features to fit your technical capabilities!

There’s a lot more that comes with this Themify review. Some less-known features encapsulated of the Themify Builder are:

  • One-click auto-theme updates in the admin panel, obliterating the need to download or FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • Ability to customize your website logo text or upload your own logo thereby establishing your brand
  • Feeling nerdy and wanting to add your own code? Themify has you covered. You can throw in your own custom CSS in the styling panel!
  • SEO Optimized: The builder is carefully and out of a considerable number in demand, coded with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices in mind. This feature has ascertained and endeared Themify to a lot of WordPress users.
  • Working with a multilingual site? Themify, the best page builder, has the WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML) feature which creates or translates a multilingual site with WPML plugin with Themify themes.
  • What is a website without the ability to easily generate income, right? That is why the builder has enabled you to be able to transform your website into an online shop with WooCommerce fully supported in Themify.
  • With the Themify builder, you can easily create a network of WordPress multi-sites that all share the same Themify installation. Not only that, font selection is easier because, over 600 Google Web Fonts can be selected for font styling.
  • Latest WordPress: On every upgrade to the WordPress software, you can rest assured that Themify themes will come equipped and work on every version so you can continue to use without fear of deprecation.


Now, we discuss the very easy process of installation in this Themify review. Themify has eliminated the need to download every file manually before installing it. As long as a user has a valid Themify username and License Key, installing all Themify products within their membership bracket is a breeze! Themify provides an Updater plugin. It lets a user install Themify  themes and plugins directly on their admin dashboard. Looking for a stress-free installation experience on the best page builder for WordPress? You should make use of the latest Themify Updater plugin.

Themify Pricing Review

themify review pricing - best page builder

Various Themify reviews on different forums have had conflicting versions of pricing categories. Themify might be an open-source software but you sure have to roll out some bucks for premium perks. Themify has three paid licensing options. Its single theme package goes for $59 a year, Master club at $89 a year and the Lifetime club goes for $249 a year. The factors in Themify’s pricing categories are manifest in perk differences such as access to advanced themes, add-ons and plugins. The level of customer support and updates are also prominent factors to consider.


Themify has a customer support team that typically responds to inquiries in the space of hours to cater to its many users and customers. The customer support team responds to a range of inquiries such as questions, suggestions, feedback, refunds, upgrades, chargebacks. There is also an avenue to contact the customer support team directly if you don’t hear from them in the first 24 hours.

For better support, Themify review has included a thriving forum where users discuss features and their Theme Support, PlugIn Support, General Support and Development related issues. This gives you the means to learn from other Themify users and apply their experiences to whatever product you are trying to build.


The developers built Themify to meet the needs of both programmers and non-programmers. Though Themify offers you the chance to write your own custom CSS code, it is a much better tool for programming novices and non-programmers. With Themify, you can visualize the page you’re working on while dragging and dropping things on it as opposed to other products where you might first have to change the page using builder and then see how it turns out.

A major reason Themify users have been loyal to it is because of the flexibility given by Themify themes, especially when the builder is unparalleled. What the builder offers is the flexibility to create your own templates and themes from scratch. You can create websites using the builder or ultra theme, giving you limitless blends of design, so two sites do not have to look the same.

Furthermore, Themify gives the feeling over superiority over other products because of the unique add-ons associated with it. Some very useful examples of these add-ons are:

  • Maps Pro: which gives you the ability to insert multiple location markers anywhere on your map and set various custom map styles.
  • Countdown: which lets you generate hype prior to the launching of events, sites, or release of a new product or promotion.
  • Timeline: which lets you display posts in a unique manner, as a timeline with dates.

Themify’s header options are also much more flexible than other competitors.


Let us break a few things down. Themify has the back-end and front-end modes. The back-end offers you the chance to work in a more structured and logical way and the front-end is purely to create, design and edit your page/site while working on it. However, sometimes, there is a delay (or some bug) in saving where changes are not always registered. This may cause one to lose any changes made to the last point saved. A good way of curbing this from happening is to save your work frequently.

Another problem you might find frustrating with Themify is that some of the builder elements can only be customized globally. Customizing some page elements require modifying the CSS which can be annoying. Furthermore, the header isn’t so easily modified and users are limited to a fraction of Google fonts as opposed to the entire Google font library.

Summary of Themify Review

To quickly give you a bit of the cake of what to expect with Themify, a few are:

  • Frontend live preview editing
  • Compact backend Builder editing
  • Responsiveness across all resolutions
  • Custom styling- background color, padding, Google fonts and so on
  • 60+ animation effects
  • 60+ predesigned Builder layouts
  • Responsive styling
  • Setting a module to be visible on a specific device or not
  • Custom CSS

While there are lots of other products out there to use on WordPress, The Themify Builder has a repute of 16 years. Like all software, it has its laybacks but the main advantage of it is that it has an active developer community seeking ways to further improve it and a customer support team to respond to your every query and inquiries.


Meet the needs of both programmers and non-programmers


Custom CSS


Frontend live preview editing


Compact backend Builder editing


Setting a module to be visible on a specific device


Sometimes, there is a delay in saving where changes are not always registered


Some of the builder elements can only be customized globally


Customizing some page elements require modifying the CSS


The header isn’t so easily modified and users are limited to a fraction of Google fonts


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