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Page Builder Vs Hand Coding

Posted on  04 JAN 2020

There are two main options at your disposal when trying to build a website. Go to the free website builder and drag and drop to a beautiful website or code everything from scratch. Website builders can do their work more quickly and efficiently, especially if you choose one of the best website builders. However, if you want to code everything manually, you can customize it from the start and set all the bricks to your liking. No matter how much customization a website builder offers, the possibilities are always expanding if you do it yourself.

What is Page Builder

Page Builder is an optional WordPress plug-in that allows you to edit the pages of your WordPress site (the area between the header and footer) using an extended drag-and-drop editor. This makes it easy to build professional sites using WordPress.

Why is WP Page Builder is better?

Developed by Themeum team that has created WordPress themes since 2013. The plugin is a comprehensive pack of essential site-building elements with all the modern features required of a page builder plugin. It comes with a lot of benefits

Drag and drop construction

WP Page Builder provides a drag-and-drop site construction system. You can easily add text, buttons, icons, and other elements to your page. Simply drag a specific add-on and drop it where you want it. Everything happens in front of you and you have complete control.

Swifter real-time front-end editing

This plugin is very quick and very perceptive. It is also very lightweight and can create a site that is surprisingly short and functional than all other similar tools. How to build a website with WordPress will change. There are already many ready-made elements. You have to know how to utilize it. This tool is built using the latest technology so you can get your website ready in minutes.

If you don’t have the idea about how to write code, still you need to assemble a site, WP Page Builder is the best one. There is no compelling reason to write code to add usefulness or structure to the website page. WP Page Builder’s rich site building components and intuitive capacities will work for you.

Device-specific response control

You can decide how your website will appear on devices of various sizes. WP Page Builder’s device-specific response control system makes it easy to tune and optimize web pages for desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

The procedure of making a web page receptive with only a single unit (pixel) does not make the page builder best. WP Page Builder has numerous response units. In addition to pixels, you can also verify receptive breakpoints in rem and percentage units. You can also adjust the size of the elements and show / hide specific components on specific devices.

Instant pre-planned blocks

WP Page Builder gives various prepared to-utilize configuration blocks to make the site advancement process quicker and simpler.

Intuitive blocks on any page to get the structure. The whole procedure is finished in a moment. Likewise with every single other area on the page, you can change the look and feel of the block. Each one contains a “Show Block” option that permits you to check the showcase on the live website.

  • Worked in light of ease of use

Any individual who knows WordPress is anything but difficult to utilize WP Page Builder. The module furnishes an adaptable client involvement in an incredible interface, much like the default WordPress biological system. This device is simple for individuals who are new to WordPress.

Considering all degrees of WordPress clients, the WP Page Builder module is worked with exhaustive highlights. Created with proficient motivation, it is worked for everybody.

  • A Simpler and Adaptable Mechanism for the user

WP Page Builder offers a wide scope of highlights that you can use to build up your site appropriately and rapidly. Elements on the site give modification, duplication, cancellation, and other customization choices while drifting over them in fix mode. Here is a portion of the energizing upgrades that this page manufacturer offers:

  • Create various line segment structures

Making a line and deciding the quantity of sections in it is only a tick away with WP Page Builder. After tapping on “Include Row,” board with the number of sections springs up. Proficiently pick the number you want to. That is it!

  • Replicate any component in a single tick

When you made a segment, be it a section or a column, you don’t want to do it once more. You can copy it in a solitary snap. Locate the “Copy” symbol on the customization choice board and snap it. Control horizontal spacing of columns

Use WP Page Builder’s column gutter to easily adjust the space between columns. You can easily determine the space between columns, regardless of the number of columns in a single row.

  • Export, import, and clear the content of the page

In WP Page Builder, you can trade the made page. The left sidebar has a menu called “Apparatuses” that enables you to fare, import and clear page content utilizing three different sub-devices.

  • Adaptable padding modification by dragging

Need adaptable padding for content? Drag to set the padding. padding units are additionally shown in pixels (px). All elements (additional items, blocks, page formats, lines, and segments) get padding naturally, yet can be effectively balanced.

  • Unlimited undo / redo options

It doesn’t matter if you accidentally delete something. There is an unlimited undo / redo option to undo these actions. So, don’t worry. The undo and redo options stay at the bottom of the page. While editing a webpage with WP Page Builder, there is constantly an option to execute an action.

  • Add customCSS 

There is a system for adding custom CSS to elements on a page. Just go for the advanced styling functions and addition CSS.

What is Hand Coding

In hand-coding, functional code or layout instructions are written in the base language in which they are compiled. Another way is to use different types of tools to implement coding conventions without having to manually code in the original language. To understand the concept of hand-coding, you need to understand how computer programming has evolved over the past 30 years. During the early years of programming, languages ​​such as Basic and Fortran were always coded manually. Users did not have sophisticated programs that could be coded in an automated way. Ultimately, with Windows-based computing and other advances, technology companies have evolved products that can automate certain types of hand coding for programming or layout purposes. Companies have created tools that allow users to visually layout Web pages instead of coding HTML manually. That is, a tool that exports all HTML layouts or actions.

Here are some reasons why it is better to code everything yourself:

Full control over the site and hosted location

Pages built with the site builder remain in the site builder (same site builder). Because the page source code is converted to metadata, there is no easy way to transfer them. Many similar services work the same way. This means that if you change to a different hosting platform, you will need to rebuild the page and the functionality it contains.

You make yourself look independent of the client

When building a website for others, the last thing to do is promote a website that encourages the use of the DIY approach. You will effectively declare that they are wasting money by hiring you for the work they can do. Most clients can’t create websites but can give the impression that they can. It is dangerous because it means that there are a lot of bad websites. One of the most interesting observations is that you are always aware of all the flaws (real or imaginary) of what the client has created and use it to put your life into hell.

Your own code is safer

This is obvious. Your own code is inherently less secure than the site builder code. In fact, it can be even worse. However, site builders are an attractive target because they use the same code on every site. The economies of scale may be worth hacking all template sites abused by site builders, but you probably won’t hack your code.

Your own code is original

Have you noticed that some websites have a lot in common? And sometimes do you come across two or more sites that have so much in common? That is the problem of template-based design.

If you customize the template properly and make it completely original, the template will have no problem, but it seems that a huge number of people are too lazy for it. As a result of that effort, you (or your client) have fewer customers. Because they don’t see your site offering something unique.

Simpler to reiterate your own code

Do I want to move elements in the directory structure to be safer? Do I want to utilize custom PHP code to translate or encode something? Want gorgeous database processing that doesn’t fit the Cookie-cutter design model? If you build your own code, there are no limits or restrictions on what you can do. You are exactly a master of your work!

Which One is Better? Page Builder or Hand Coding

The website builder can also be easily customized. Simply navigate to an entity and click to change its size, font size, font color, background color, alignment, and more. If you have development experience or know HTML, PHP, or JavaScript, you can also open a code editor and make some changes there to affect the whole design. On the other hand, if you have development experience, you need to understand the code on the website. This is the fact that people understand the code they write better than the code of other developers. If you code your own website, you are more likely to fully understand it and optimize it if necessary.

In today’s automated world, regardless of size, most companies use website builders. This is to work efficiently. From small startups to large corporations, companies have relied on web site builders for over a decade. This allows stakeholders and key people with no technical knowledge to play a specific role in the website development process. Even with the latest website builders like Divi from Elegant Themes, there are certain companies that want to code their own websites. In most cases, these businesses are from the IT market. Employees therefore have enough technical insights to complete their work without using a website builder.

In the time when technology is essential for businesses, having an online presence is very important to your business, and you get more visitors from your website and ultimately more customers than your actual store. The technology provided us. You also need a beautiful, responsive and user-friendly website, and building it with the right tools can say a lot about it. With both website builders and hand coding, it’s safe to say that website builder can accomplish faster, better, and sometimes more cost-effective work. More used than already used.


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