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VPN’S Legal or Illegal?

Posted on  22 FEB 2020

VPN’s are legal in most of the countries in the US but the fact which we all need to face is that VPN’s are associated with the illegal activity performed online.

The topic of today’s discussion is whether VPN’s are legal or illegal? To hear the best part VPN’s are legal in most parts of the world but you need to know the countries where it is legal and where it is illegal.

So before we jump onto the topic let’s have a brief review about what is VPN? It is a virtual private network that encrypts your internet connection and masks your identity from the world when you are online.

There are plenty of legal reasons why you need a VPN which includes the following:

Prevent Data Stealing

As we all know the basic purpose of using a VPN is to offer you online privacy. It disguises your IP address and prevents any government organization or IP provider to invade your data.

It prevents any third parties to invade your data and steal it online.

VPN’s are meant to enjoy the legal activities online like streaming content or accessing websites which are useful for viewing the content. But most of the people appeal VPN only for illegal use like accessing the darknet or using VPN for performing illegal activity.

VPN allows you to browse the episodes from your favorite shows in any part of the world but ensure that the use of a VPN is legal in that state.

VPN’s though are built for legal activity but not all VPNs are the same.

You need to check the transparency and privacy policy of the VPN provider as well before you trust them as they are also capable of stealing your personal data.

Protect Your Privacy

The most common use of a VPN is to protect your privacy while accessing public Wi-Fi networks.

It encrypts with your internet connection and saves your personal data from the evil eyes of the spies all over the globe who try stealing your data.

Bypass Restricted Website

Other than that most of the students at school and people at business premises make use of VPN to bypass restricted networks and access the websites for legitimate reasons.

Now, when most of us understand the legal use of VPN we usually wonder whether it is legal in our home country. So don’t worry as no such enforced laws are restricting the use of VPN in the US, Canada, Europe, UK, and Australia.

Due to the worst reputation of VPN in the past days where it was used for dubious activities, there are legal reasons as well where the people might need VPN for entertainment purpose to access content over the streaming services which are unavailable in their respective regions.

Another main reason for using a VPN for most of us is to protect ourselves from the public Wi-Fi where the providers might spy on us when we are traveling abroad and need an internet connection.

Now, the next question which you might be wondering is which VPN services are legal in your home town?

Most of us download the free VPN apps and feel protected from evil eyes. But this is the tricky part, we are prone to reveal our personal details to the free VPN providers and they might sell or share the details to third parties which mean it is more malicious than the pain VPN services.

Choose the paid VPN providers who offer the users with excellent features and avoid treating you like their source of income by selling your private data.

Some of the famous and well-known VPN service providers include PureVPN, NordVPN, IPVanish VPN, TorGuard, Private Internet Access, Windscribe, Proton VPN, Hide Me VPN, AirVPN, ExpressVPN, and others. 

Illegal Use Of VPN:

Why VPN’s are illegal is also another aspect of the story which you need to hear?

Used in Illegal Activity

VPN use is legal in most parts of the world but you need to understand the fact that although it is legal, you are not supposed to perform the illegal activity with it like watching porn videos, torrenting some copyrighted material and others.

Blocked the Use of VPN Complately

Some countries have completely blocked the use of VPN as they are smart enough and want their people to avoid using any private networks.

These countries include Russia, China, North Korea, Iraq and others where they have banned the use of VPN service.

VPN for Netflix

The use of VPN for accessing Netflix shows is illegal as it results in the violation of the company’s terms and services offered to the customers.

Selling Customer Data

Some VPN services offer your private information to government organizations as the law is enforced on them although most of the private VPN companies highlight the fact that they save no logs but at the end of the day most of them share the information of the users with the licensing authorities when they are forced to do so.

Where Is VPN Restricted?

The use of a VPN is restricted where the government of the countries restricts civil rights and prevents any freedom of speech for the users.

Citizens who don’t know the fact that VPN is banned in their state might try to use one and access the websites blocked in their state but in turn, the government is smart enough and blocks their usage.

VPN are strictly illegal in China, Turkey, UAE, Russia, North Korea, Belarus, and Iraq. So, most people wonder why VPN is restricted in such well-known countries.

So the fact is that VPN encrypts your internet connection with the private networks and makes your anonymous online where you can perform the browsing activity.

It is restricted in these countries where the free flow of ideas is banned and it becomes impossible for the government to track you online with the anonymous identity.

It is because of this reason that the governments of these countries pose a ban on VPN usage and state it as illegal. 

Using a VPN in restricted countries can result in a huge fine or you might be prosecuted. However, in other countries where VPN is legal, you can easily use it and access all your streaming content over different websites.

Using VPN cannot save you when you perform any criminal activity as most of them offer logs to the government organization and retain your information along with other relevant data.

Before you plan on buying a VPN service, check out their terms and conditions, their privacy policy and other stuff and choose it if you feel satisfied.

Most of the VPN providers make it clear that if you perform any criminal activity while browsing online you’ll be held responsible for it so be sure about it.

The policies usually state the fact that if you are found performing any fraudulent or illegal activity then you will be referred to the law enforcement organizations.

Which Illegal Activities Are Carried By The Users All Over The Globe?

VPN itself is a simple tool for maintaining your privacy but most people perform the following illegal activities while using a VPN which should be prohibited in all states. These dubious activities include:

  • Hacking where you gain access to someone’s network or computers belonging to some business setup or companies. The hackers invade the private data and disrupt the activity, they steal money from credit card details, carry out fraud activities and perform illegal interception of data.
  • Illegal sharing of files which is also termed as torrenting where the users download and use the copy-righted content for streaming purpose like games, movies, music or other video content over the internet connection.
  • The dark web is one of the most common illegal activities where people sell and buy drugs. They sell weapons or illicit materials and access pornography videos.
  • Cyberstalking is also a part of an illegal activity that is carried over VPN. Stalking someone online is a crime while covering your tracks with a VPN.

The use of VPN to circumvent some apps or website’s technological protection measures like geo-locking such as for Netflix can result in the violation of the terms and services for the VPN provider, websites or the laws enforced in the country.


VPN’S Legal or Illegal? Conclusion

VPN is a perfect tool for private networking but make sure whether you are using it in a legal or illegal state. If you are visiting the countries where the use of a VPN is illegal, you should disable it on all devices to avoid any negative consequences.

Other than that whether you are in a state where it is legal, avoid using VPN for illegal streaming or content viewership along with the different illegal activities.


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