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WHY Is VPN Bad For You?

Posted on  10 JAN 2020

VPN or virtual private networks are the best way to secure the web traffic against any cybercriminals, spies, snoops or any individual who has a criminal mindset and wants to invade your data for monetizing it or stealing it.

Did you ever try to connect with the public Wi-Fi network but you feel dreaded that someone, somewhere might steal your data online? This is why VPN is used to protect your data against evil eyes and maintain privacy online. So what basically is VPN?

What Exactly Is VPN?

When you switch on the VPN through some app or from a paid protected source, VPN forms a source of the tunnel through which you can browse while masking your real identity and the IP address.

VPN has both its pros and cons. Consider a situation where you are travelling abroad and you are sitting at the airport and using the public Wi-Fi network.

As you need the network connections at that moment, you won’t give a second thought and you’ll stay connected but did you ever wonder who is prying on you?

The operator behind this network connection might want to steal your data such as the passwords for social media websites, your banking details, credit card numbers, and other private information.

The best part about connecting to VPN is that when you browse while connecting to it, no one can intercept over your data and you can enjoy using the public Wi-Fi network in any part of the world.

We don’t know whose operator behind that public Wi-Fi network for instance if the Wi-Fi is named Singapore airport Wi-Fi it does not particularly indicate that the airport owns this Wi-Fi service so be cautious about it.

What Are The Pros and Cons of VPN Connections?

Now when we talk about why VPN is bad? It means you cannot use free VPN connections as a VPN can also track the number of users online, their IP addresses, their online activity, and personal stuff. It is therefore important to ensure the credibility of the VPN connection as otherwise, you’ll be allowing the evil’s eyes to invade in your stuff and give up your data to the cybercriminals.

The free VPN connections offered by the obscured companies without any payment options connect the user’s device to the VPN provider servers with an encrypted connection.

You can connect to the internet through these servers and no one other than the VPN provider can intercept your data. This means that the person who offers you with VPN has the potential to visualize all your data such as Facebook’s free Onavo VPN app intercepted on the user’s data due to which it is now unavailable on Apple but still available on Android.

These apps collect mobile data traffic and analyze all your usage on different websites or apps. The free of cost VPN services can track all your data, your online habits along with the IP addresses and serve as the treasure to the cybercriminals, advertisers or different agencies where your data moves to the wrong hands.

Cons – Disadvantage of Using VPN

  • Other than the free of cost VPN providers, we still assume whether the legitimate VPN providers are safe or not? There is no such practical way to be sure about it, a VPN provider protects you from the eyes of different networks but you get exposed to the VPN providers. It is always risky but consuming free VPN is more malicious when compared to the ones where you pay for your safety against the public Wi-Fi networks.
  • VPN is a straightforward, simple tool that makes your privacy better online but it does pose some drawbacks. Some services and websites look over the VPN connections as being suspicious due to which they prevent any connections. It becomes a hassle especially when you are trying to reach your bank or other personal data. VPN is also blocked by Netflix which means if you can access your favourite shows in your home country, you might not be able to watch those shows in abroad countries. Netflix ensures to maintain regional licensing arrangements all over the globe.
  • Most of the VPN companies prevent the usage of their connections to download copyrighted material from the Bit torrent. However, very few companies might allow you to download the material from Torrent through their servers.
  • Another major drawback of VPN is its speed. Generally speaking, VPN’s enhance your latency but they reduce the speed on which you can download data online. It is hard to say which VPN providers offer extensive speed for downloading and browsing at the same time. Most of the private network connections, take a longer duration for completion of the process due to which you might face a delay in work.
  • Last but not least, using a VPN might be illegal in your country. Some governments do not allow their citizens to enjoy private networking which is why you need to assure before using one. Once you are caught for using the VPN service, you might end up being imprisoned or you need to pay a huge fine.
  • To setup, the VPN connections for business premises are a difficult task. You need a dedicated team of VPN providers who can manage the private network connections for the business. Adding a VPN service for personal use is very simple as you can just download an app or contact the service provider to activate the connection for you on your single device.
  • The VPN connections are costly, so you need to pay for the connection as well as the router if you prefer to add one for the private network connection. However, there are free VPN service providers as well but they are not reliable.
  • You can also release information, even if you are using VPN as sometimes the network connection gets lost while you are browsing a website and suddenly your DNS starts leaking. Sometimes the providers agree to the government to release information through ways like software, hardware or others.
  • You might face compatibility issues with less common platforms. If you are using a common platform like Windows, IOS, macOS or Android then you won’t face any issue using the VPN. However, if you are using something less than these then you might face configuration issues.
  • The VPN service providers sell your information to third parties. These service providers can also sell your IP addresses and welcome the criminal activity which can be easily traced to your devices.

Pros – advantage of Using VPN

  • When considering the pros of using the VPN service, you know what the ultimate upsides of using it are. You get protected against the network providers. Internet service providers can invade your privacy and fetch all your online data. ISP can also sell the anonymous data of its customers to the government where they make money from it.
  • Other than that have an example of such abroad countries where you are unable to access specific websites that are banned by their government. You need access to browse those websites for which you can use a VPN. Some streaming content is also blocked by the government where you can make use of VPN servers.
  • With VPN connections, you can mask your identity and choose a server from a different country where you can hide your location. You can enjoy streaming and browsing on different platforms with a comfortable space far from your home country while getting access to the VPN server.
  • VPN’s encrypt web traffic due to which it protects your identity and allows you to use the internet in a comfy way. But be sure that some governments like China and Russia have banned the use of VPN’s as they are smart enough!

A perfect VPN connection secures you from the internet connection providers, provides you with privacy when browsing or using the internet and conceal the identity of the users. It keeps you safe against hackers or criminals who try to hack your online activity.

What Should We Look For When Choosing VPN Service ?

When buying the VPN service, you can choose the ones that offer transparency like the companies which have real faces and names with the proper web page or from our best VPN service list. Check out the privacy policy to know about the traffic logs. Shop for the VPN services that offer open protocols where anyone is allowed to audit the code. Look for VPN servers which are available all over the globe that makes it reliable and offers fast connections to the users.


When considering the powerful connection world in today’s time, you need some protection while browsing or using the internet for online work. In previous days we just considered password apps and antivirus apps to protect us against the evil’s eyes of the cybercriminals but these days we do require VPN service to ensure that we are safe and we can browse without any danger of leaking the personal data. 




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