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ConstantContact Review Staff  12 SEP 2019

In a Nutshell

Constant Contact is best for small to medium-sized businesses that are growing and in need of an all-in-one email marketing service with automation features and a diverse set of reporting and analytics tools.


Robust automation capabilities


Free live support and education


More expensive than many competitors


Email design can be tricky the first time


Why Choose Constant Contact

Constant Contact has everything a business needs for emailing, all within one well-designed platform: autoresponders, drag-and-drop editors, mobile-responsive templates, a helpful support system and even built-in donation options. Constant Contact’s easy-to-use user interface (UI) makes it easy for beginners and experts alike.

The automation system is effective as well, and it has in-depth walkthroughs and marketing suggestions on the site. There is also chat and phone support, a highly informative blog, active user community, and workshops and seminars live in neighborhoods across the US and Canada or online to help you take charge of your email marketing processes via best practices.

For those seeking depth, ease of use and versatility in email marketing, Constant Contact is the right option.

Standard Features:

  • Mobile-responsive drag-and-drop editors
  • Customizable templates
  • Reporting tools
  • Scheduling
  • Web publishing
  • Survey, donation, coupon and event capabilities
  • Automation
  • Contact management
  • API integrations
  • Personal coaching and onboarding
  • Social media tools


Constant Contact offers an array of well-designed, mobile-responsive templates. With the newest editor, you can customize templates to your liking without having to use code.

The wide range of template categories cover holidays, typical business emails and other events, such as graduations or birthdays. If you are unsure how to choose or customize your template, the support team is readily available to help tackle any design issues.


While there is no completely free option with Constant Contact, the 60-day free trial has a limited amount of emails that can be sent during the initial period.

The prices are more expensive than competitors, but with nonprofit and bulk discounts available, users can still get a great deal with Constant Contact.

Prices are strictly based on list size, and the wide ranges are useful for those near the upper extreme, but frustrating for those just past the cutoff (for example, 502 contacts in the 501–2,500 range).

It’s important to note that the automation features are only available in the Email Plus packages, so users will be paying a minimum of $45/month after the free trial if they wish to use email automation features, which are highly recommended to enhance and personalize customer interactions. Included in Email Plus is a free personalized kickoff consultation to get users started fast.

Ease of Use

The Constant Contact dashboard is attractive and intuitive. All campaigns are organized in the left sidebar folders, and the navigation is clear and informative. You can see the date, open rate and click rate for each campaign you send and easily access the report for each campaign via the drop-down menu.

The report tool includes all the essential email campaign information, including click percentages, basic demographic information and breakdowns by device.

The drag-and-drop editor is easy to understand, and in Constant Contact’s newest version, no coding experience is necessary.

You can easily create list segments for every part of your business via the CRM system.

For those looking for more depth, the API integrations with CRM systems and other tools make Constant Contact even more powerful. It’s a very well-connected program.


Constant Contact has all the major parts of a good email marketing platform: automation, customer support, mobile-responsive templates, analytics, segmentation features, email list growth tools and social integrations. The automation system and customer support systems are definitely the most notable services, as reported by existing users.

One of the other major selling points of Constant Contact is its UI. Constant Contact is extremely intuitive to use. From the moment you open the platform, you feel like a native. It’s easy to understand exactly where every feature is and how they all tie into each other. Other platforms can sometimes feel overwhelming in their complexity, but Constant Contact has depth without inundating users with options. And if you do ever feel overwhelmed, you’ll have a helpful support system at your service. Team members are quick to respond to questions about the platform.

The donation, event and coupon tools are also useful features to have directly within the platform.

Customer Support

Constant Contact’s customer support staff is very responsive and won a bronze Stevie award for customer support in 2017. Wait times on phone support are typically short, and email support can take up to 24 hours for a response, but once the user connects with a representative, they are invariably helpful. 

The staff  is available via phone, chat, email and Twitter Monday–Friday 9am to 8pm ET, but the real support comes from existing materials on the site. Constant Contact has the best community support and training materials we’ve seen from any email marketing platform. Whatever the question, it almost certainly has been answered, and there’s a plethora of additional training and best practices materials available on the site. It breaks down the support by industry and provides examples and walkthroughs of how to replicate email marketing success for a specific business.

Going beyond the support itself, Constant Contact’s training system is impressive and very helpful for both learning the platform and developing a strong sense of email best practices. It has a thorough FAQ section, tutorials, marketing advice, seminars, official training users can sign up for, a user community and great API documentation for tech-savvy types.

A useful feature of the community is the campaign ideas section, which breaks down email campaigns by a number of industries and provides relevant ideas for content promotion, template design and success stories from businesses in a given sector.



From the first glance, Constant Contact feels clean. It offers ample analytics, a clear view of how campaigns are organized, and the various features are easy to locate. It’s an all-in-one email marketing suite with a host of features and a fantastic set of training and email marketing best practices materials.

For those planning to invest in a long-term email marketing strategy, we definitely recommend Constant Contact. The extra event features, robust automation capabilities, additional template options and user-friendly interface make it an ideal choice for any small or medium-sized business.

About Constant Contact

Originally Roving Software, Constant Contact was founded in 1995 in a small attic in Brookline, Massachusetts. Armed with the mission of making email marketing affordable for small businesses, Constant Contact surpassed 50,000 users by 2005.

Within 2 years of passing that milestone, it doubled again. It’s been growing ever since, and in 2014, released a new interface that included a bunch of fresh features outside of strictly emailing.

Constant Contact was acquired by Endurance International Group in 2016, and it’s continuing to move forward with its promise of “helping small businesses navigate the promise, power, and potential of the web.”

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