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IPVanish Review

Posted on  13 JAN 2020


All You Need to Know About IPVanish

Wondering whether IPVanish is the right VPN service for you? If so, then you have come to the right place. Here is the complete IPVanish review to help you make the right choice and investment.

No wonder, anonymous browsing on the web has become something of a common these days. There are some companies constantly monitoring your information, others watch your internet traffic and a lot more.

Facebook, Microsoft, and Google know exactly what you are doing on the internet and when you are doing it and it usually happens whether you like or not.

That’s when the VPN service role comes in, also known as Virtual Private Network. It enables you to browse the web with true anonymity. And one of the popular VPN service or provider out there is IPVanish. So, here we will talk aboat IPVanish review. let’s start now what it is all about and what it has to offer you.

IPVanish is a popular United States-based commercial VPN service. It was founded by Mudhook Media Inc. in 2012 and attained by J2Global’s NetProtect business in 2019.

The service proudly wears the tags of being one of a few tier-1 VPN providers. It means that it owns and controls its own servers and don’t rent the infrastructure and resources from third-parties, offering the company more power and flexibility over how the service should be installed and function. It offers private and secure connections for its users and offers them high-speed connections so that they can truly enjoy a public or open internet.

With IPVanish, you can rest assured that all of your devices are totally protected, from mobile devices to computers and routers as well. Through this approach, you have 360-degree protection against snoopers and hackers.

In addition to that, the service provides unlimited bandwidth. That’s why you can enjoy its features all the time you are on the internet. Above all, you get supreme access to P2P sharing and torrenting as well.

IPVanish Features Review

Believe it or not, …any review, be it IPVanish review or anything else is incomplete without exploring its key features.  Let’s find out what IPVanish has to offer you and what it is considered the world’s best VPN service.

IPVanish review Features- best vpn service

Data Security

The primary purpose to use a VPN service is protecting your data over non-reliable network connections. Isn’t, it right? Well, IPVanish provides the finest data security utilizing heavy advanced source code algorithms and powerful encryption.

Thanks to such high levels of data security provided by IPVanish, you can transmit info between multiple devices over any network connection with great peace of mind.

Bypass Restrictions & Firewalls

IPVanish enables you to browse the web without leaving any trace. That’s why it is highly possible to browse the internet anonymously by using IPVanish. This VPN service masks your IP address and thus, you get the unrestricted access to numerous regions or areas restricted websites.

In addition to that, it even helps you in bypassing any firewall installed on the network connection you are using to browse the internet. Therefore, it is possible for you to create a VPN on a host system without the need for special access via its firewall.

No Web Speed Throttling

Here it comes one of the strongest features of IPVanish VPN service is that it never throttles your web speed. The reason behind the best feature is that most of the free VPN providers and a few paid ones take up a substantial chunk of web speed during operation and thus, reducing your web access speed significantly.

When working on a complicated project or transferring data between devices, you certainly don’t like the speed to decrease, in order to work quickly and efficiently. To make sure of that, IPVanish comes quite in handy.

Kodi Add-ons Access

Kodi enables you to access paid content over numerous devices, for instance, Amazon Fire Stick for free. Well, IPVanish is popular and the best VPN to work perfectly with Kodi software.

There are many users who are taking advantage of IPVanish to watch free TV shows and movies using the Kodi on the Fire Stick. Moreover, According to our IPVanish review, it doesn’t throttle the web connection and therefore, it is possible to watch the favorite movie or TV show smoothly in HB without any lag or buffer.

No-Log Policy

Another remarkable IPVanish VPN feature is that it helps you in keeping anonymous. Most of the VPN services maintain logs of browsing history for users. But, IPVanish follows a no-log policy. And this no-log policy demonstrates that IPVanish doesn’t monitor your activities over the web when you access the info through the VPN service. Moreover, the policy enables you to access the sites truly anonymously while ensuring no one spying on you.

Freedom to Pick Own Server

IPVanish offers a wide range of VPN networks to its users. The service provider provides over 40,000 shared IPs to its users. In addition to that, it provides over 850 different VPN services in 60+ countries. The best thing about IPVanish VPN service is that it is constantly growing and adding more networks and features to its profile.

Prevent Identity Theft

Besides data security, another reason to use an IPVanish is that it helps you to protect your identity online. The enhancements in cloud computing technologies and internet banking have made people use online payment methods.

Unfortunately, you are at risk of encountering numerous financial losses while using online payment in case if someone becomes successful in stealing your online identity. Luckily, IPVanish can help you to prevent online identity theft.

State-of-the-art Encryption

The IPVanish VPN service utilizes the latest 256-bit AES encryption in order to secure the networks and offer VPN services. Using powerful encryption on the devices enables you to access the web much more quickly and safely.

Anti-Geo Tracking Capabilities

IPVanish also provides you anti-geo-tracking capabilities. The service enables you to securely use the web without revealing your location.

There are numerous websites and social media platforms that monitor your current location without permission in the background. To enable your kids to use these applications and sites safely, you must consider investing in IPVanish and keep the location anonymous in order to stay away from trackers and predators.


IPVanish has intuitive and straightforward native clients for Android, Windows, Fire TV, Chrome OS, iOS and Mac.  In addition to that, it provides support for a wide range of additional platforms including Linux, Windows Phone, and routers, for which the service as provided files as well as manual setup guides.

In addition to that, users can connect to the service on up to ten devices simultaneously, as long as one connection uses L2TP or PPTP, unlike others. You can even purchase a router with pre-installed IPVanish from one of the company’s reliable partners.

IPVanish Pricing Review

IPVanish review pricing - best vpn service

One of the key factors to determine whether you should invest your money in IPVanish is none other than pricing. So, let’s now start with the IPVanish review for its pricing.

Fortunately, if you are considering buying this VPN service, you will be able to select among numerous subscription plans.

The most expensive ones, even though the cheaper as compared to the majority of other kindred services, is the monthly plan costing $10.00. On the other hand, the price of a quarterly subscription is the monthly equivalent of $8.99 (Billed $26.99 every three months). In addition to that, there is an annual subscription plan, which costs $6.49 on a monthly basis (Billed $77.99 annually).

Do you want to get some offers? If so, then all you need to do is to stick around on the official IPVanish site for a bit and you may get a chance to acquire 20% discount on all of its subscription plans, reducing the monthly plan cost to $8.00, quarterly cost to $7.20/month and annual cost to $5.20.

All IPVanish subscription plans provide user access to all the features.

The IPVanish accepts several payment methods including PayPal and a wide range of credit cards. In addition to that, all the pricing plans are equipped with a 7-day-money-back guarantee. Not to mention, if you would like to test this VPN provider out beforehand, then you will only be able to try it during these 7 days because there is no free trial option.  

One thing to bear in mind – the refund policy claims that if you prefer canceling the service before the end of the 7th day of your plan and if you have utilized a refundable payment method, then the refund will be automatically processed. Speaking of that, customers who register through the iOS app are not eligible for the money-back guarantee and refund requests for such users are managed by Apple.

    Customer support – IPVanish Review

    Wondering what if you encounter any issue while using the service? That’s when the customer support service role comes in. Therefore, make sure to check whether the customer support service is accessible before making any final decision.  Otherwise, investing in service without reliable customer support is of no worth.

    Now, if you run into any issue while using IPVanish or just would like to know more about the service, then the service’s rich support (Help Section) incorporates very helpful resources divided into different categories.

    What if knowledge base info is not of any great help to you? No worries!! IPVanish offers excellent customer support that you can access via email or live chat, 24/7. Above all, the customer support team is accessible via telephone or mobile number during working hours – 9 AM to 5 PM CT (UTC -6), from Monday to Friday.

      Pros and Cons – IPVanish Review

      If you have come so far with our IPVanish review, then you probably now got an idea of what IPVanish is all about and its key features. Still, it’s important to aware of its pros and cons to determine whether it’s worth investing it or not. So, let’s find out…

        What’s good in IPVanish? Following are the good points of this VPN service

        • Simple Setup Process

        The setup process of IPVanish is really straightforward. Simple, visit the IPVanish website and choose a suitable application to start the installation. The best thing is that the installer incorporates a simple guide to help you get started.

        • Excellent Performance

        The reason why IPVanish is known as the best VPN service is it offers outstanding performance. It controls its whole network infrastructure and resource in-house, providing unlimited bandwidth and outstanding surfing speeds over any network.

        • Affordable

        When it comes to pricing, IPVanish is an affordable one. As mentioned before, the service offers three plans to choose from.

        • Excellent Customer Service

        IPVanish offers the highest standard of customer service as compared to its counterparts. They offer phone support during working hours and 24/7 chat service.

        • Decent Security features

        In terms of security, IPVanish provides the highest secure OpenVPN protocol, a Kill switch and Domain Name System to keep your network connection secure.

        Well, the IPVanish review is incomplete without knowing its limitations. So, what’s lacking in IPVanish? Following are the cons of this VPN service

        • Complicated Interface

        IPVanish’s interface is quite busy, which can make you a little bit confused f you are completely new to the VPN world.

        • Supported Limited Streaming Services

        IPVanish doesn’t offer dedicated media streaming servers. You will be able to watch Hulu, but you will not be able to get BBC iPlayer working through any of the service’s UK-based servers.

        • No Ad Blocking

        IPVanish doesn’t incorporate an in-built ad blocker. It is a decent security feature found in some of the VPN services. The feature let the VPN cut off requests from trackers and virus at the DNS level. Without such protection, your browser can reveal info while sending requests to ad-trackers.


          That’s all on the IPVanish review.

          Considering all the things mentioned here, it’s fair to say that IPVanish is the best VPN service, even though it is lacking in some points.

          If you are after unlimited bandwidth, fast speeds, and several device connections, then IPVanish is certainly the best VPN service to use. However, if you are looking for a VPN service to stream streaming services like Netflix, then you should consider another option.

          Rest, it all depends on your particular requirements and budget. But, you must go through a comprehensive IPVanish review before making any decision.


            Simple Setup Process


            Excellent Performance




            Excellent Customer Service


            Decent Security Features


            Complicated Interface


            Supported Limited Streaming Services


            No Ad Blocking


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            What Does Best Advisor do ?



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