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PrivateVPN Review

Posted on  20 FEB 2020


PrivateVPN Review 

A VPN is the must-have tool to keep your connection secure and private. Virtual Private Network (VPN) by its name suggests it creates a virtual server and lets you browse in the server without ISP knowing your exact location.

You can chill and browse in the secure tunnel without leakage of any data. As time progresses, users are more concerned about their security and have been digging the best VPN for daily use.

Considering the fact, PrivateVPN is one of the best VPN service providers on the list. Let’s get started to the article on PrivateVPN Review.

PrivateVPN Features Review

PrivateVPN Features Reviews 1(basic features) - best vpn service 2020

Zero Logs Policy: During our research for PrivateVPN Review, we found that it claims to keep zero log files.

The log file holds a record of every event occurring in your Operating Systems like the processes, new events being created, or messages between two parties over the same network. They are generally created by system software.

Strong Encryption: The VPN uses 2046 bit encryption with 256-bit AES. AES the best-known encryption algorithm that uses the sophisticated technique to encrypt the plaintext to cipher and decrypt cipher text to plain text for output. AES protects your all infrastructures while encrypting both the server-side.

Standards: PrivateVPN uses OpenVPN, P2P, IKEV2, L2TP encryption standards. These standards are said to be the most secure standards.

OpenVPN standard creates a reliable point to point or site to site connection between two remote servers.

Peer to Peer standard encrypts both sending and receiving servers. IKEV2 is a request and response protocol while encrypting data.

Torrenting: With the PrivateVPN, you can only not use it for torrenting, but you also get the smooth and fast performance out when you are connected to VPN.

The service, while downloading and seeding are buttery smooth. The OpenVPN standard allows you to torrent properly over a network connection.

Unblock streaming services: Streaming Netflix and iPlayer is impressive when you are connected to the VPN service. These streaming services work flawlessly.

PrivateVPN allows you to unblock every streaming service in the world with high speed.

Play games freely: Using a VPN lets you play any games without letting ISP know.

Some games may not be available in your region with a VPN switch to any location accessible and start playing games. Ping also gets lower while you use a VPN to play games.

Small server region but secure connection: This VPN lets you have access to 60 countries with 100 city servers while the other players have 100+ countries covered.

Even though the small region included the features, it offers shines out against other VPN service providers.

Hides your actual IP address: Anyone can track with your internal IP address. VPN is the best choice for anonymity.

It throws you to another random location where your private IP address is hidden, and you can browse from there anonymously.

Get great deals while shopping: While doing PrivateVPN Review, we kept in mind that many people use a VPN while shopping.

Retailers set discount offers to certain regions while your region may not be included. Get benefited by using VPN to the offer location and get a discount while shopping online.

No DNS leakage: The leakage of DNS may result in a significant security threat. PrivateVPN concerns your privacy and does not let any application know your DNS used. Your actual location is given by IP address, while DNS can also provide your exact browsing location.

Save money with VOIP calls: VOIP is used while making long-distance communication. You can save lots of money while using a VPN while making VOIP calls over Skype, Viber, and Messenger.

Unlimited Speed and Bandwidth: While other VPN services are providing limited speed and bandwidth support, PrivateVPN offers unlimited speed and bandwidth for great deals.

The feature is applicable for monthly, three months, and yearly subscribers. We tested the speed and bandwidth while collecting enough experiences for the PrivateVPN Review.

Great speed test result: When tested speed with Speedtest official site, PrivateVPN provided the result of 50.41 average download speeds and 118.93 average upload speeds.

PrivateVPN Features Reviews 2(basic features) - best vpn service 2020

Internet Kill switch: The internet kill switch comes handy when you are suddenly cut from VPN, and browsing is still open.

During PrivateVPN Review, we tested it and it kills internet service flawlessly, which gives extra anonymity.

Stealth VPN mode: You can browse freely in China with PrivateVPN. It unblocks every website, application, and streaming services blocked by the Chinese jurisdictions.

China is a tough place to be in with all the restrictions on apps and sites. The stealth VPN mode feature in this VPN service hides the fact you are using a VPN service. 

PrivateVPN Pricing Review

PrivateVPN Pricing Reviews (basic features) - best vpn service 2020

PrivateVPN guarantees 100% money back to any plan you choose. The money-back guaranteed is a generous move by the service provider. If you do not like the product, you can claim your money back within a month.

You can get great deals with the use of promo codes too. Pricing is decent in every plan you choose. You can get seven days free trial period in every operating platform.

  • The monthly plan costs $5.48 per month
  • Three months plan costs $11.25, which values $3.75 per month. You can save 65% with this deal.
  • Twelve months (37-month offer currently running) costs $79.00, which values $1.95 per month. It is the most popular deal to get.

*All the plans above come with 30 days 100% money-back guarantee, PrivateVPN app for Android and iOS, high speed and unlimited bandwidth, and 24/7 customer support service

Payment option includes PayPal, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and even Cryptocurrencies.

Every payment options are secured to transact. Paying with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies is much secured.

    Customer Support

    Customer support service is essential when it comes to online applications. It has divided customer support services into three sections.

    • Getting started

    It is always better to check the self-help section if you get into some trouble. If self-help doesn’t work, switch to the technical help section for required support.

    The setup guide will walk you through the system compatibility and proper guide to download and install the application.

    • FAQs

    In FAQs, you will get complete details about the service provider, mostly asked questions, and so on.

    The question includes; general, subscription issues, PrivateVPN, and other issues.

    • Contact Us

    Live chat with the customer support team with contact us. They will reply instantly with the required solutions.

    You can also fill the forms with required queries, and they will get back with you shortly which we tested out for PrivateVPN Review.

      Pros and Cons – PrivateVPN Review


      • Internet kill switch
      • Zero logs storage
      • Port forwarding
      • The Best VPN for Flexible connection
      • Decent network over 60 countries
      • Torrenting available
      • US-based streaming service available like Netflix, iPlayer
      • User-friendly
      • 2046 bit encryption with 256-bit AES 
      • Excellent customer support
      • Top-notch privacy and security
      • Standards used; OpenVPN (TCP, UDP), IKEV2, P2P
      • Save money using VOIP call services


      • It is a bit highly-priced
      • It requires more server only 60 locations are not enough for mass
      • Mobile-based application is not User-friendly and does not allow much customization
      • No ad blocker and track blocker
      • Bound by Sweden jurisdictions

      PrivateVPN Verdict

      PrivateVPN review helped us to know that it is one of the best VPN services that offer excellent privacy and security.

      The minimal server location is not quite enough for the mass audience; they must consider to strength their location reach. It uses the vast encryption technique to ensure you are secured and anonymous. It claims to keep zero log files.

      You can stream every streaming service while connecting to the VPN service. We recommend using it for the features it puts into the desk, but not to those who require vast server reach.

      In a nutshell, it is fast and easy to use VPN service. It is the power-packed and best VPN worth the money. Thanks to its performance, compatibility, and security.


        The Best VPN for Flexible connection


        Internet kill switch


        Zero logs storage


        Torrenting available


        2046 bit encryption with 256-bit AES 


        US-based streaming service available like Netflix, iPlayer


        It is a bit highly-priced


        Mobile-based application is not User-friendly and does not allow much customization


        No ad blocker and track blocker


        Bound by Sweden jurisdictions


        It requires more server only 60 locations are not enough for mass


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        What Does Best Advisor do ?



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