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PureVPN Review

Posted on  14 FEB 2020


PureVPN Review- Is It The Right Choice ?

A PureVPN review, but why? Choosing a VPN service can be a little confusing. All the companies pretend to be the best, and practically all of them deliver those essential services that a VPN company should necessarily provide, which is privacy and security.

Then what makes you choose one over another?

The answer is while most of them fulfill your privacy and security needs, they are not the only things to be considered.

If you are spending your money on buying a VPN service, you should consider reviewing all the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a VPN service over others.

In this PureVPN review article, we are gonna see what PureVPN has to offer to its customers, what are the pricing, its cons and pros, and everything in between. So let’s get started.

PureVPN Features Review

PureVPN is one of the well-known VPN services providers. The commercial virtual private network service company owned by GZ Systems Ltd is based in hong kong. With over 2,000 plus servers across the globe, the company is definitely worth considering while buying a VPN service.

PureVPN Features Reviews (basic features) - best vpn service 2020

The company claims to be the world’s fastest VPN service provider. You can stream videos, play games, browse the Internet, download or upload files, and do many more things securely and privately with PureVPN.

PureVPN Features Reviews (internet privacy) - best vpn service 2020

You can access any of the content across the globe Anonymously using their global network of high-speed servers. PureVPN has anonymous VPN IP’s to reinforce your privacy further.

PureVPN Features Reviews (internet security) - best vpn service 2020

The company provides an internet kill switch feature, which ensures none of your data is leaked in case of server error or drops. Although, most of the VPN companies provide this feature of the kill switch nowadays.

In addition to the internet kill switch feature, PureVPN comes with Split Tunneling. The feature aims to provide you a choice which data you want to bring through your ISP and which data to send through your Virtual private network connection.

Split tunneling gives you more control over your data flow and VPN service itself.

PureVPN Features Reviews (multi login) - best vpn service 2020

The ordinary plan of the VPN service lets you connect over 5 devices at a time. You can enjoy the virtual private network connection simultaneously on 5 devices without any difficulty.

This is an excellent feature to have if you are planning to buy a VPN for your home, as your family members can enjoy the service with you.

Utilizing a VPN when accessing public Wi-Fi is often warned. PureVPN secures your data and information when you are connected to public wifi-hotspots.

The company is situated in Hong Kong. They don’t need to follow 5 and 14 eyes. The term 5 and 14 eyes are often used to refer to the coalition of countries that share all sorts of data obtained by them. PureVPN does not store any of your data, as claimed by the organization.

PureVPN Features Reviews (Devices Works) - best vpn service 2020

The VPN supports almost every device, be it android, iPhone, Mac, iPad, Android TV, Linux, Firefox, chrome, android TV, routers, literally every device. You name it, and they have got it covered.

PureVPN is offering a 31-day money-back guarantee so you can check and know if PureVPN is a good suit for you.

PureVPN Pricing Review

PureVPN Pricing Review - best vpn service 2020

PureVPN is claiming to provide 88% off when you buy the 5-year plan. You save the most money when you buy their services for a tenure of 5 years. The total cost of the 5-year plan is $79 billed for 5 years. This way, you get the service is $1.32 per month.

When you choose to buy the VPN for a year, the price is $69.72 billed for a year. You save 47% when you buy for a year instead of buying just for a month.

You are charged the most when you buy PureVPN for a month. The 1-month plan costs $10.95 billed per month.

You save more when you buy PureVPN for longer terms. Despite such discrepancy in the prices still, PureVPN is affordable compared to others.

The company is also providing a 31-day money-back guarantee. You can pay in any of the ways you want, incorporating bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Payments made through gift cards and Google pay are not refundable according to their policies.

    Customer Support Review

    PureVPN claims to provide 24×7 customer support. If you face any troubles using PureVPN, you can reach out to their customer support via live chat.

    The customer support, as rated by many of their customers, is not something they should boast about. Although the live chat system will definitely help you get your problems resolved, the customer support service is not best in class.

    The live chat is often addressed by bots, but if you try to connect to an executive, you can easily do so.

    You can also reach out to the support team through email.

    Why PureVPN : Some Pros

    Here are some of the advantages of using PureVPN :

    • PureVPN uses no-log policy. Thus none of your data is stored by the company. PureVPN does not bottle any of your browsing activities, connection logs, the content or information you accessed, your original IPs, your connection time, the history of your browsing, records of the VPN IPs assigned to you,  the sites you visited, your outgoing traffic, or the DNS queries generated by you.
    • The VPN supports almost all major protocols (IPSec, L2TP, OpenVPN…). To enhance your security and privacy needs, PureVPN offers all main protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, and even IKEv2.
    • The VPN used 256-bit encryption, providing you one of the most secure connections. 256-bit encryption is said to be the best in class, so PureVPN is entirely safe to use.
    • Not much of the VPN’s are P2P friendly. PureVPN is an exception being torrent-friendly. If your primary concern was torrenting, then PureVPN has got you covered.
    • PureVPN can fairly work with Netflix. If you want to access Netflix with your VPN, PureVPN will not upset you. This is one of the major advantages of using PureVPN.
    • PureVPN offers port forwarding add-on that helps you access your device or any service from anywhere privately and securely.
    • Dedicated servers of pure VPN enhance security by IP-restricting them. Your data and information will be in full control and secure with a dedicated server.
    • Their servers are allocated all over the world, be it Asia, Europe, America, or any other continent. They have got a lot of servers on every continent.
    • The price of their services is relatively lower than other VPN’s.
    • The company provides 24×7 technical support. Any time you feel any difficulty with the network, you can contact them and get your problem resolved.
    • High speed dedicated servers provide great speeds so that you can enjoy any of your favorite shows or episodes online without any trouble.

    Across-the-board, PureVPN has got all those essential features that a VPN company should offer along with some additional amenities.

      Why Not PureVPN?

      Enough of applause, down I list some incentives for you to dump PureVPN from your list of best VPN’s.

      • While the company claims to be the fastest VPN, the speed tests whisper something odd. When you test their server speeds with a speed checking tool, you will find only a few of their servers pass the fastest VPN test.
      • The security they claim to provide is not the best in class. So if you were looking for the most secure VPN, then better go and find some alternative.
      • Some users have encountered connection problems with PureVPN.
      • Many testings of the VPN have revealed DNS leaks.
      • Their app is not very much user-friendly. PureVPN users are often not satisfied with the feel and look of the apps.

      These were some of the cons that abated PureVPN from joining the list of best VPN services.

        PureVPN Verdict: Over to You

        People have a mix of opinions about PureVPN. Some consider PureVPN to be not trustworthy with bad track records, while others say the company is great for torrenting. But when you look at their server speeds, the company does not seem to be the best VPN for even P2P.

        As you read in this PureVPN review, the VPN is good at many things like streaming Netflix, provide affordable service, P2P friendliness, Support for almost all devices, attractive add ons, no-logging policy, and few more things.

        So if these things attract you, buying PureVPN might be a good idea for you.

        But wait, I also got some drawbacks of using PureVPN covered in this pureVPN review, which is as follows- Not as secure when compared to the best,  not really very fast, their no-log policy is not trustworthy and a few more drawbacks.

        So if these cons concern you, then PureVPN is not for you.

        No doubt, PureVPN can be considered while choosing to buy a VPN. If you were looking for the best VPN ever, better continue your search as PureVPN is not the one.

        PureVPN is providing a 31-day money-back guarantee so you can try it yourself and find out if it works out for you.

        Thanks for reading this PureVPN review


          PureVPN Uses no-log policy


          Supports almost all major protocols


          Used 256-bit encryption


          P2P friendly


          The price of their services is relatively lower than other VPN’s


          Provides 24×7 technical support


          Only a few of their servers pass the fastest VPN test


          The security they claim to provide is not the best in class


          Some users have encountered connection problems with PureVPN


          Many testings of the VPN have revealed DNS leaks


          Their app is not very much user-friendly.


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