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Windscribe Review

Posted on  16 FEB 2020


Windscribe VPN Review 

When you use the Wi-Fi facility of colleges, hotels, café, you are not controlling the network; in this situation, VPN comes handy.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. What VPN does is it throws you to another location; far from you so that you are not tracked by Internet Service Providers shortly called as ISP and other parties.

There are lots of confusion about VPN and what it does; VPN adds an extra security layer to your network and lets you browse things freely. It may also breach restricted sites your ISP has set, be concerned while using a VPN. It is one of the best VPNs in the market to consider while thinking about secure communication. Let’s commence on the WindScribe Review.

Description of The Service

At the beginning of the WindScribe Review, let’s get familiar with the VPN provider.

WindScribe is an exciting and one of the best VPN service providers, which gives the quality of service at a great deal. It is a Canadian based VPN service founded in the 2016 march. It creates a tunnel in the network world that marks you to another location and lets you browse freely without any obstacles.

This Vpn Service offers a 10GB data limit per month, which attracts its customers. This exciting VPN is available in both free and paid versions.

The paid version lets you unlock 60 different countries and 101 cities server. Despite two versions, it provides plenty of quality and exciting features. It is always better to use VPN while using the WI-FI facility of Coffee shops, Schools, Tramps, and so on.

You are anonymous while you use the WindScribe service. Its service use encryption technique that allows only authorized personnel to use the system when required. It adds an extra security layer to the network.

It uses a 256-bit AES encryption technique that tunnels through OpenVPN standard service.

WindScribe has over 90 million user downloads and use. Users can log in to 5 different devices with the same account if you own a premium version.

This best VPN service is also available as a Chrome extension, where users can easily have access to the service. If you want privacy while using the internet, it is a comprehensive solution for you.

Windscribe Supports The Following System :

  • Operating system: Windows 10, 8, 8.1, Linux, macOS 10.11 and newer
  • Mobile platform: iOS and Android
  • Multi-login: 5 devices
  • Browsers: Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox
  • Protocols: OpenVPN, IKEv2, SOCKS5
  • Encryption: 256 bit AES encryption technique
  • Torrenting: Allowed
  • Streaming: Allowed

Windscribe Features Review

We researched some of the features for WindScribe Review. We have enlisted the features below.

windscribe Features Reviews (Genaral features) - best vpn service 2020

Internet kill switch: Internet kill switch disconnects your whole connection when VPN is disconnected from your system. This is an essential feature that does not let ISP track your browsing.  

ScribeForce : ScribeForce is used for a home office to create a network between a few parties for communication. WindScribe with ScribeFroce support allows secure connections online.

Bypassing sites which are restricted by ISP: There may be some websites that are governmentally or parental restricted to view and surf.

You can easily connect to any server with a single tap, and you are ready to browse any restricted sites.

Streaming video and music application services: Applications you would like to use may not have been released officially in your region; VPN allows you to set the secure channel to other countries’ IP addresses.

Then you can stream those services like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify easily. To stream Netflix, you need to get the premium version of WindScribe to work correctly.

Servers over 60 countries : The WindScribe server has a decent reach in the world. It has servers over 60 countries and 110 cities servers. This is one of the features that is many users like while reading WindScribe Review.

DNS leak protection: If not with an IP address, you can easily be tracked with DNS. It protects the leakage of DNS so that you can browse freely. With DNS leak protection, you have a more secure connection over the internet.

Prevents from keeping track of Log: While torrenting, torrent sites may load log files in your operating system.

These log files may be dangerous if they contain any backdoors. Using a VPN while torrenting is always a smart move. It keeps minimal logs possible to ensure security.

R.O.B.E.R.T: R.O.B.E.R.T is a unique security feature provided by WindScribe, which allows you to block unsafe websites, Cryptominers, advertisements, malware being downloaded in your system.

This is one of the most interesting things in WindScribe Review.

windscribe Features Reviews (Genaral features 2) - best vpn service 2020

Port forwarding: Port forwarding is a network working behind the scene. Port forwarding can quickly be done through your routers.

WindScribe automatically does port forwarding, so you are secured in your system.

Port forwarding is mostly done while gaming for a secure and smooth connection that redirects traffic to another channel. It is the best way to hide your private IP address.

Adblocker: Ads are annoying while surfing; WindScribe also acts as Adblocker. With a VPN connection, you can browse the internet freely without being annoyed by irrelevant ads popping in your window.

It also keeps safe from the malicious application being downloaded in the system. 

Split tunneling: Split tunneling lets you use WindScribe for selected request, and other form uses regular internet IP address.

This comes in handy when you require using an application in proper IP while not completely turning off your VPN service.

Split tunneling is currently available in Andriod and iOS platforms while the feature is coming soon in Windows, Linux, and macOS.

windscribe Features Reviews (browser extension) - best vpn service 2020

Browser Extension features: WindScribe is available as an extension in Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox browsers.

These extensions come with features like autopilot, which choose the best and secure path automatically instantly.

Double Hop works as a double VPN, which provides more security to your browser. Annoying ads are blocked while using the VPN service. 

Winscribe Pricing Review

Windscribe Pricing Review - best vpn service 2020WindScribe is not cheap when compared with significant players out there. Most VPN services charge about $3 to $6 per month.

Its premium version comes in $9 per month for extra security features it provides. 256 bit AES encryption keeps you secure anytime.

Double VPN, Adblocker, Track Blocker, Internet kill switch, Scribe Force is a significant feature you are paying $9 for.

However, you can get a yearly plan for $45, which seems an excellent deal compared to monthly pricing. Noticeable upgrades in WindScribe Premium are:

  • Speed improvement over the free version
  • Bandwidth over 10GB per month
  • Unlock of more server locations
  • Smooth streaming in US-based streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video

You can sign into premium WindScribe without having to fill in authentic details; you can subscribe to being anonymous. 

It has another “Build A plan,” which allows selecting a location for $1 each. Subscribe to the place you require, which is economical, in a sense.

This scheme also provides 10GB bandwidth, similar compared to monthly and yearly plans. 

During the research for WindScribe Review, we came to know that there is a feature that allows you to add your home or business group in the same network for a secure connection. Adding a ScribeForce feature costs $3 extra. 

You can pay to WindScribe subscription with Mastercard, Paypal, and Discover. For anonymous transactions, there is also an option for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies payment.

    Customer Support

    Customer support service is essential when it comes to online applications. It has divided customer support services into two sections.

    • Self-help

    In this section, there are Setup guides, FAQs, and a knowledge base. It is always better to check the self-help section if you get into some trouble.

    If self-help doesn’t work, switch to the technical help section for required support.

    In FAQs, you will get complete details about the service provider, mostly asked questions, and so on.

    In the knowledge base section, articles for common problems like speed, streaming, and forget username/password are marked with solutions.

    The setup guide will walk you through the system compatibility and proper guide to download and install the application.

    • Technical support

    In technical support, you can directly contact “Garry” for help or ask in subreddit for help.

    If you have a severe problem with their service, you can send a ticket while mentioning the issues.

    The first defense of customer service has ChatBots, which is pretty annoying while asking for help. It can be regarded as the best VPN in terms of technical support.

      Pros and Cons – Windscribe Review


      • Static IP addresses
      • Port forwarding
      • Internet kill switch
      • Flexible connection
      • Adblocker and track blocker
      • Vast network over 60 countries
      • Minimal logs possible
      • Torrenting available
      • US-based streaming service available
      • User-friendly
      • The best VPN with a high encryption with 256-bit AES with SHA5 authentication and 4096 bit RSA
      • ScribeForce support


      • Technical section has ChatBots for the first-line defense
      • No 24/7 live customer chat service
      • Keeps minimal logs
      • They are bit highly-priced
      • Slows the internet to 50%
      • Doesn’t provide access to all servers due to Canadian jurisdiction bound

      Windscribe Verdict

      At the end of the WindScribe Review, we recommend it as the best VPN for the features they are putting in the table.

      You might have to consider if you are not willing to pay $9 per month, which is expensive compared to other VPN service providers. It provides the best security feature for not leaking IP and DNS; it works like a charm in this very field.

      This VPN is available in both a free and paid version. Premium version lets you unlock 60 different countries and 101 cities server.

      It provides plenty of quality and exciting features. Their particular server for Netflix service works great. It is easy and well designed to use VPN.

      We hope you liked the article on WindScribe Review.


        The best VPN with a high encryption with 256-bit AES 


        Adblocker and track blocker


        Static IP addresses


        No logging policy


        Internet kill switch


        Torrenting available


        Doesn’t provide access to all servers due to Canadian jurisdiction bound


        Slows the internet to 50%


        No 24/7 live customer chat service


        They are bit highly-priced


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